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Classic Hints & Kinks by Jim Newman


Jim Newman is an amazing aviation artist and illustrator as well as a very knowledgeable model airplane designer and builder, he was a contributor to Model Airplane News for more that 30 years and he produced the original “How To” feature called Hints & Kinks where he drew pictures to illustrate reader’s modeling ideas and work bench tips. Though dated, many of his tips are still good today. Here’s some of those oldies but goodies.

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Updated: July 7, 2015 — 4:51 PM
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  1. I have lived a similar life to you, born in 1932 in London, many WWII experiences. Have lived since 1966 in the USA, being part of the Brain Drain. Very retired I build and race model R C sail boats.
    Would love to exchange experiences with you. Roy Tanner

  2. How do we get more of this stuff–as a scratch builder It would sure come in handy for all
    the Kinks I get into–

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