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Walt Thyng writes, “I’m sending you a photo of the Cobra I built From MAN plans. It has a different color scheme and tip plates on the top wing because it is the version flown by Doug Watts and currently in the Arkansas Aerospace Education Center at the Little Rock airport. I used a lighter, carbon-reinforced main spar, home-made balsa ply instead of lite-ply and went down one size on all the wood stock. My model came in at 19 lb. vs the 15 to 22 lb. stated on the plans. That is all up weight with a 12S2P A123 battery pack and a MegaMax 3.7/2Y motor. The canopy, cowl and wheel pants are from Fiber Glass Specialties (they still had them in stock from the 70’s!). All decals were printed on my inkjet using Micro Mark and Testor’s decal paper. Covering is UltraCote. The Cobra flew exactly as Dan said in his build article. I flew a complete set of aerobatic maneuvers on the TEST FLIGHT! Stalls are nothing more than a gentle mushing and landings are slow. It was worth the year’s building time!”


Updated: April 13, 2011 — 9:20 AM

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