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Congratulations to our Gorilla Glue Winners!

Congratulations to our Gorilla Glue Winners!

What were the last two things you glued together? Check out the creative answers that earned five lucky winners a prize package!

Dave Weiss
Recent jet. Its a Boomerang Nano that I converted to EDF. Has a Sapac 100mm fan, Castle 120 HV ESC, Tamjets wheel, struts, and brake, use 5300 mh batteries, 2 6s in series. Has a neat Tajets intake scope for additional air intake. Sort of looks like a pro stock hood scope. Flies great and alot of fun.

John Johnson
My last 2 glue jobs: I use Gorilla Glue CA for all my multicopter airframe builds. The last build (photo) survived a hard landing on cement and a 60′ free fall and the glue held. I also just assembled a new ground station box to hold a 10″ monitor and other FPV gear using GG CA. I had to drive to 4 stores around Reno before I could find GG CA in stock, but it’s worth the gas and time to acquire the best glue for the job.

Joe Vermillion
Before Gorilla Glue…..

after Gorilla Glue…

Joe Vermillion
after Gorilla glue! Complete rebuild on side struts, new battery hatch, and new wing kit! Good as new! Thanks Gorilla Glue!

David Sayers
It was supposed to be hinges and an elevator, however I didn’t notice I had knocked a few things off my work bench, so it ended up being my thigh and a popsicle stick (no more working in shorts for me!!)

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  1. Great for restoration of foamies!

  2. Thanks so much! My prize will for sure be put to good use! Pictures to follow!

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