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Gerry Yarrish (1558)

Senior Technical Editor
About Me: I have a lifelong passion for all things scale, and I love to design, build and fly scale RC airplanes. With 20 plus years as part of the Air Age family of magazines, I love producing Model Airplane News and Electric Flight.

Debra Cleghorn (1136)

Model Airplane News Executive editor.
About me: I’m a publishing professional who has a passion for aviation and RC, and I love creating issues, books and a website that help RC pilots to enjoy this sport even more. I admire scale aircraft and enjoy the convenience of flying smaller electrics.

Trevor "Chilly" Duncan (759)

Bringing you RC product news you can use on a daily basis as Model Airplane News' Online News Editor. I have been heavily involved in RC since the late 90's, plus a diverse background that includes print and broadcast journalism, engineering, information technology, direct marketing, and even banking. Currently I enjoy flying small to mid-size quadcopters and pushing them to their design limits.

John Reid (337)

West Coast senior editor
About me: I’ve been involved with RC aircraft since high school and have flown just about everything. I started my RC career with scratch-building, but now like many pilots I rely on ARFs to get me in the air. My main focus is on pylon racing, aerobats, combat and scale warbirds.

Paul Tradelius (173)

A regular contributor to Model Airplane News, he is also the columnist for our “Rotor Speed” helicopter column. Paul has been flying RC helicopters since the early ‘80s and now enjoys all types of rotary machines, including scale and aerobatics, and he continues to experiment with modifications to improve performance.

David Vaught (76)

A frequent contributor to Model Airplane News and Electric Flight, Dr. Dave is a true RC enthusiast with over 40 years of flying experiences as well as a private pilot license. He flies and writes about everything from ornithopters to giant-scale aircraft, building and flying an average of 20 planes a year.

Jim Ryan (37)

A longtime contributor and the current "Heli Talk" columnist for Electric Flight, Jim has been heavily into aeromodeling for nearly 25 years. Electric warbirds are his main love, although in recent years helicopters have taken much of his attention. He is focused on scale helis and his favorite part of the hobby remains designing and scratch building.

Ken Park (37)

Ken provides the event, project and people coverage for our “north of the border” section. He has been flying RC planes since he was 16 and has competed in the MAAC Nationals. He’s now getting into EDF jets and giant-scale gassers. He gets a big kick from designing from scratch on his laptop and laser-cutting “kits” for himself.

Rich Uravitch (34)

His modeling career encompasses a broad range of aviation subjects, from small electric models and electric ducted fans to the giant scale and warbirds. He has been the Top Gun craftsmanship judge for several years. He has designed, built and flown several sport-scale RC aircraft, several of which can be purchased at the website.

Carl Layden (23)

Carl provides coverage of Atlantic Canadian events and people. In more than 30 years of RC flight, his interest has ranged from micro to giant scale, including a few of his own designs. He has served on the MAAC board of directors and was president from 2004-2006.

John Glezellis (21)

A world-class RC aerobatic pilot, he has flown in and won many national competitions including the XFC and the Don Lowe Masters. His columns “Let’s Talk Giant Scale” in Model Airplane News and “Aerobatics Made Easy” in Electric Flight address in detail all you need to know to improve your piloting and building skills.

Michael Foster (19)

Michael is an avid modeler and professional photographer who combines his two passions with the aim of showcasing what the sport has to offer. In addition to his 20+ years of building and flying model aircraft, he holds a private pilot's license and has a passion for all things aviation.

David Scott (13)

Owner/operator of the 1st U.S. R/C Flight School (, he writes popular flight technique articles for Model Airplane News. Dave writes about everything from basic takeoffs and landings to advanced aerobatic maneuvers with detailed illustrations. His company is the country’s leading instructor of advanced RC aerobatics.

Romi Lucas (10)

Romi Lucas has been building and flying model airplanes since 1971. Electric conversions are his specialty. He enjoys designing, building and flying unique and rare model aircraft. When he isn't building or flying, Romi meets with junior ROTC officers and students at local high schools to promote youth involvement with the hobby.

Keith Hall (8)

Keith was been involved in RC for 40+ years. As most, he was exposed to RC scale, free flight, gliders and control line through his father. Because of the dizziness and losing his lunch too often, he never grew to like control line. With a passion for building and flying RC it's hard for him to decide which he loves more.

Tom Kitt (8)

Fifteen-year-old Tom Kitt is a member of Florida’s Manatee County Radio Controllers and Largo Flying Club and has been flying since 2008. He mainly flies 3D, and his blog will cover reviews, 3D instruction, videos and reports from the many events he attends.

Ronald G. Mock (6)

I have been interested in model airplanes for as long as I can remember. I have met some interesting and good people during my modeling career. I am grateful to all those who helped me learn to fly, were willing to lend a hand, offer a screw now and then and just being there to listen. Modeling is an activity that returns large dividends in so many ways!!

Inotai Istvan (3)

Istvan Inotai hails from Hungary and has been modeling RC for 15 years and flying for 7. His hangar includes all types of planes, from hotliners to racers, electric jets, flying wings, scale planes -- you name it! He notes that he's enjoying electrics at the moment and he is one of the organizers of the Hungarian Easy Wings Cup series.

Clarence Lee (1)

World-famous model airplane engine expert, he first started writing his “Engine Clinic” column in 1969. He built his first model at the age of 7 and he started flying powered model aircraft in 1937. Clarence became interested in RC in 1956 and designed and built his first Lee .45 RC engine in 1959. His vast knowledge has made him one of the hobby’s most valuable assets.

Joe Bukovchik (1)

Joe Buko hails from Visa, California where he flies with the Palomar R/C Flyers--a club that has been going strong for 57 years! Joe has been flying model planes since kindergarten and has flown control-line and tow gliders and is now into 1/4-scale planes. He's still flying a 1975 1/4-scale Piper Cub with full wing slots, and his favorite is a 1/4-scale de Havilland Gypsy Moth he built from plans.

Roy Norris (1)

Roy Norris is from Wiltshire in the UK and has been flying RC since 1955. He won the British National Championships in scale as well as the RAF Championships and has seen RC grow from its infancy to present day. He was a flight engineer for full-size aircraft before he retired, and he also owned a model shop.

Varsha (1)

I was a logistics officer in the Indian Air Force, I been flying for over a decade now. i am a keen
3D Fixed wing pilot, I fly models of Composite ARF, Greatplanes, Sebart etc. in Helis i fly, Thunder Tiger.

Other than RC I love to fly, Sky Dive and Scuba Dive. Wing Suit flying is what I want to do in life.

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