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Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | RCX Countdown
Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | RCX Countdown
Two Days of non-stop flying action!

March 19 20, 2011
Fairplex, Pomona, CA


Model Airplane News Expo – one of the best and biggest RC shows in the country, is the must-see event of the year! Now in its ninth year, it encompasses a large portion of the popular Fairplex in Pomona, CA. Attendees are immersed right in the action with flight zones, boat ponds, indoor and outdoor dirt racetracks, all of which offer a closeup view of all the action. Kids can participate in the “Make it & Take it” program that helps them to assemble flying balsa gliders, while parents shop at many of the vendor booths offering the latest in RC products, including the mega hobby retailer HobbyTown USA, which has a giant store full of product right inside the show.

  • SCALE SQUADRON STATIC DISPLAY: This static scale exhibit will feature some of the best-looking aircraft around–this event alone is worth the trip to the Expo!
  • NONSTOP INDOOR FLIGHT DEMOS: Hotshot pilots from all over Southern California will be flying everything from micro planes and helicopters to extreme aerobats. Come see the latest planes and aircraft and the best piloting you’ve ever seen up close and personal both days of the show.
  • OUTDOOR FLIGHT DEMOS: The Pomona Fairgrounds will create an outdoor flight zone where pro pilots will be showing off the latest glow and electric helicopters and 3D planes! Let the guys who get paid to fly for a living show you how it’s done!
  • TRY-ME FLIGHT SIMS: Check out the latest flight sims up close and personal! Whether you you want to test your skills against your friends or want to test-fly the newest versions, you’ll have a blast.
  • MAKE IT & TAKE IT: Get your kids hooked on aviation! This supervised program lets them build their own balsa glider, then fly it against their friends. Go ahead; we bet you can’t toss one of these little gliders just once!
  • AIRPLANE & HELI VENDORS: Don’t miss the latest new products and gear—all here ready for your close inspection. And there are some great deals, too; not only can you check out the best planes, engines and motors, you can take them home with you, too!

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | RCX Countdown

Mark your calendars! March 19 & 20, you don’t want to miss the fun at RCX 2011! Held at the Pomona Fairplex (in sunny California!), this year’s show is shaping up to the be the best ever! Bring your entire family for a day of RC excitement. You’ll get in free with your AMA card, and you can go to  RCXto register for a $5 discount on tickets.

Be sure to enter the Baja sweepstakes! You could win this sweet ride (don’t worry, we won’t tell your flying buddies!)

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The Die Cast Expo at RCX has some great deals! If you buy a $40 Die Cast Collector ticket, you get into RCX both days, one hour early for a special Collector’s Hour.  You’ll also get a free lunch pass, a gift bag that includes a copy of Die Cast X magazine, a special die cast show car and a chance to win over $2,500 worth of diecast prizes from AutoArt, CMC and Exoto!

All Collectors that register online in advance will automatically be entered to win one of these items:
AutoArt Ford Mustang Challenge FR500S 1:18 scale
AutoArt Shelby GT 1:18 scale
GMP Fender Stratocaster 1:3 scale guitar replica
GMP Fender Jazz Bass 1:3 scale guitar replica

This is hands down the best ticket deal of the show!

Die Cast Collectors Giveaway (exclusive for Die Cast Collector ticket Holders) in DCX Magazine booth#837
Exoto Ferrari Tipo 156 F1 “Sharknose” #6 1st Production Sample 1:18 scale ($600)
CMC Audi Front 225 Roadster 1935 1:18 scale ($325)
CMC Porsche 901 Coupe 1964 Limited Edition 1:18 scale ($325)
Autoart Signature McLaren F1 1:18 scale ($260)
AutoArt Steve McQueen Racing Porsche 917K LeMans 1:18 scale ($200)
AutoArt Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 1:18 scale ($150)
Total $1860




RCX is the country’s largest and most dynamic consumer event for the RC and diecast hobbies. Those attending RCX in Pomona, CA this March 19 and 20 can visit the Lionel/NASCAR exhibit and register to win an incredible one-of-a-kind prize. Up for grabs is a signed Tony Stewart race car nose clip. This amazing collectible is from his Stewart-Hass racing  no. 14 Office Depot sponsored that ran in the Martinsville NASCAR race in October of 2010.

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When someone used to mention an RC tank, I think of a relatively small, indoor “toy” that, if it’s really cool, is equipped with small guns that fire harmless pellets at unsuspecting Ken dolls. Now that I’ve been to RCX, I think of giant, 4-foot-high, engine-powered behemoths that are as far from toys as most RC planes and helicopters are! You won’t be able to miss the tanks at RCX: they’re so loud you can hear them before you see them, and I promise you’ll be impressed! Here’s the official RCX writeup about these bad boys.

The Southwest Armor Group
1/6 scale radio control AFV club brings their light, medium and heavy tanks to RCX! Come experience the sound, smoke and most of all the ability to crush things. Watch as model cars, tanks, cans and whatever else we can run over gets crushed by the large scale armor.

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2011 Editors’ Choice Awards
On Saturday night, the editors of Model Airplane News and Electric Flight will announce their choices for Plane of the Year, Helicopter of the Year, Radio of the Year and Innovation of the Year. Who do you think should win? Comment below!

 Here are last year’s winners:

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This year marked our first Editors’ Choice Awards, and as we looked through all of the fantastic new releases of the past year, we were really impressed by the effort and hard work that all of the manufacturers do to continually bring high-quality new planes, helicopters and gear to hobby store shelves. Choosing our four top picks wasn’t easy, but when the dust settled, we all agreed that these four products represented the best of the best in RC.


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When it comes to the most innovative product of the year, we chose something completely new that increased user success and substantially increased our enjoyment of the hobby. Although the Great Planes RealFlight flight simulator has long been a favorite of RC pilots, its Generation 5 version’s multi-player, online capabilities bring the camaraderie and competition of the flying field to your home PC. With RealFlight G5, pilots can fly with-and even talk to-other pilots who may be in another hemisphere. And while logging time on a sim has always been a way to sharpen your skills, we think that the added competition of flying online with friends will push everyone to a new personal best.


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Our radio pick has all of the advanced programming and other bells and whistles we’ve come to expect on high-end 2.4GHz radio systems. But it also has a unique feature that will definitely keep a lot of airplanes intact! The Hitec Aurora 9’s downlink telemetry monitors your plane’s battery and displays its charge status right on your transmitter, along with a low-voltage warning system. Congratulations to Hitec for setting a new standard in radio technology with the Aurora 9!


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Our Editors’ Choice helicopter pick is a unique product that has revolutionized the way we learn how to fly helicopters. Not only does it make learning to hover easy, but it also helps the new pilot to learn more advanced maneuvers when he or she is ready. This helicopter is extremely stable, can set itself up on the bench and can even put itself back into a hover when the pilot releases the sticks. On behalf of beginner helicopter pilots everywhere, congratulations to Thunder Tiger for the Innovator MD350.


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Our top plane choice is a product that sets a new standard in trainer aircraft. Forget about learning to fly on a traditional, boxy high-wing airplane; now you can get into RC with the most popular plane in the world! The Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang Mk II PTS is a great-looking warbird that comes with removable “training gear” and with an installed engine that’s already broken-in. And when you’ve earned your wings, you have an all-American fighter to bring to the field. Congratulations to Hangar 9 and Horizon for making a trainer that makes learning to fly easier and more fun.


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