Dave Scott: a passion for planes!

Dave Scott: a passion for planes!

Dave writes many flight technique articles for Model Airplane News, he also runs the 1st U.S. R/C Flight School (rcflightschool.com), has published numerous books on RC flight and aerobatics, and in his spare time, he competes in full-size aerobatic contests. We got a chance to ask Dave a few questions about his airplane-rich life.

Which came first, your aerobatic profession or flying RC?
As a kid I’d ride my bike out to the airport every day to watch airplanes takeoff and land.  When the EAA convention was nearing I’d volunteer preparing the grounds in return for a flight line pass that enabled me to get the best spot to watch the airshow performers.  I always dreamed of becoming a full-scale aerobatic pilot and someday returning and flying in the Oshkosh airshow, but in the mean time I always tried to fly my models in a manner that mirrored the planes I watched fly in the show.

What is one of the most important tips you give RC pilots?
That most deviations can be corrected with a simple “bump.” It’s like learning to drive a car: when you first learn, you work hard to keep the car going straight. Yet after a while, you can keep the car straight with very little effort. The reason is that you develop an appreciation for the fact that most deviations can be corrected with a simple nudge on the wheel, and we’re confident that if one nudge doesn’t do the trick we can always apply another. Small, brief bumps of aileron or rudder (not held in) have the same effect and can help you fly straighter lines and make course corrections without over-controlling.



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  1. I’ve been and educator for over 40 years. I took Dave’s course and I can say that he is one of the best teachers I have ever seen. That is based on my observations of teachers at all levels in all areas of the country. If you want to learn to fly–or fly better, Dave is the person who can help you be successful.

  2. After attending Dave’s school I took first place in pattern and a second in IMAC and they were my very first contests. And I plan to take home more wood this year. Thanks Dave!

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