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2012 Mr.Top Gun Winner Dave Wigley — Westland Wyvern

2012 Mr.Top Gun Winner Dave Wigley — Westland Wyvern


 Model Airplane News would like to give a big shout out to David Wigley for his 2012 Mr. Top Gun win at this year’s scale invitational. This is David’s third Top Gun win with his Westland Wyvern. Luckily for all the other competitors, this is Dave’s last year for competiting with the Wyvern.

Watch for the whole Top Gun event coverage in the August issue of MAN.

Here’s the information from David’s “Road to Top Gun” Post.

From Smithtown, NY, Dave is a past “Mr. Top Gun Winner,”  and he will again be flying his very successful Westland Wyvern  for its 5th and final year at the 2012 Top Gun Scale Invitatiaonal. Built to 1/5-scale  from his own drawings. The Wyvern has a wingspan of 100 inches, its weight is 51lbs, and the Engine is a BME 100 modified with prop shaft extension. Overall Length is 96 inches. The flying  Prop is Mejzik 24 x 12 3-blade and builder designed and produced wind-milling fake front propeller to counter rotate with the power prop. For the Retracts, Main gear units are by Ultra Precision and the main gear struts  were designed and machined by the builder from 6061 and  2024 aluminum bar stock, the tailwheel unit and strut were also designed and machined by the builder.



Photos Courtesy FTE/David Hart.

Updated: May 18, 2012 — 12:38 PM


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  1. dave-the master builder, how he built the model would be a winner,his machinest skills outstanding-hope he makes a kit out of his super effort on this plane. the best on top gun may you leave as high as your plane has made me. vince-mountain grove ,mo.

  2. Vince, thanks for your kind words. I case you don’t already know, the plans are available from Model Airplane News and I sell the fiberglass parts. Check out the May 2008 issue of MAN for a construction article. There is also a reverse build thread started on RC Scale Builder.


  3. Wonderful looking plane! I wish they would of inserted a video with the sound of the motor! It must sound incredible on a diving strafing run!

  4. A nice flying wonder congratulations Mr.Dave.

  5. Congratulations! Wow i didn’t know you are from Smithtown! i’m in Setauket and fly in the North Shore Flyers. Where is your local field i’d love to stop by some time.

  6. Congratulations again Dave, You are my hero!

  7. I’m flattered, Gunny…

    Robert we’re at the Skyhawks field in Eastport

  8. Personally, I would love to see a complete 6 hour video version of how Mr. Wigley built this outstanding aircraft. I’m talking about how he designed the engine, fuselage, wings to how he laid out the cockpit.

    Then enjoy watching him put this bad fella together. And then watch it fly. I bet sound of it alone would be worth its weight in gold.

    The only thing the viewer would need is a big bowl of popcorn and an ice cold bottle of samuel adams.

    1. Hey James. thanks for the kind words! Dave is an amazing builder and flyer for sure. We are pleased to have him as a contributor to MAN! His plans for the Wvyern are available for sale at:

      and, the whole story of how Dave designed and built the model is in the May 2008 issue of MAN. You can order back issues of MAN and you can see the article online with the digital edition available to subscribers.

  9. good job my friend you earned it . Jack B.

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