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Dawn Patrol Long Island Style!

Dawn Patrol Long Island Style!

The Long Island Skyhawks hosted their 8th annual giant scale Dawn Patrol event and they had an amazing time doing it! With flying kicking off at the crack of dawn, (about 5:15am) and lasting until well into dusk (8:15pm), this group of World War One RC pilots really know how to put on a show! Watch for a detailed event article in the December issue of MAN! There were more giant scale WW I warbirds than ever before.

Dave Von Frank’s 1/4 scale Fokker Triplane comes in for a landing.

Many of the WW I warbirds at the Dawn Patrol were 1/3-scale. Most built from Balsa USA kits.

Lou Centrangelo’s 1/3-scale Triplane lines up for a pass in the Bomb Drop contest.

Beautifully built and finished 1/3-scale Fokker D.VII flown by Mike Gross Sr.

A target of opportunity! Lots of models on the flightline.


Sal Calvagna (left) and Tony Kirchenko show off their Eindeckers.

lots of Aeroplanes in the sky all the time at the Dawn Patrol.

The Mass Fokker D.VII had 11 biplanes in the air at one time.

D.VII Mass takeoff!

The mid-day aircraft lineup for Pilot’s Choice award.

As far as the eye can see!

All sorts of supporters come to the event!

It’s 5AM time to crank those engines!

Scratch designs from Roy Vaillancourt. Sopwith Dolphin with the SE 5 Scout in the back ground.

And the winners are!

Best of Class

Allied Multi-wing, Roy Vaillancourt

Allied Monoplane, Brian Dean

Central Power Multi-wing, Mike Gross Sr.

Central Powers Monoplane, Mike Gross Jr.

Mission Events

Balloon Bust, Brian Dean

Spot Landing, Scott Neary

Bomb Drop, Mike Gross Jr.

Pilots’ Choice, Andy Marone

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  1. Lots of flying, lots of food and lots of fun!
    And of course, really nice aircraft.

  2. Great coverage of the event

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