Dazzling Lightning F2A

Dazzling Lightning F2A

The pilot of this 1/5-scale Lightning F2A, Luke Metcalf, says that he can’t relax while flying this giant and that she’s a “hands on model needing constant inputs and corrections,” adding, “She is not unpleasant to fly but looking at her in the air makes it workth the work load!” Built by Trond Hammerstad from an Airworld Modelbau kit, the jet has navigation, landing, and afterburner lights and is based on a scheme from an F2A from the UK stationed in Germany in the late ’60s.


  1. Very impressive. It’s fast Has the max speed been measured or estimated?

  2. Superb, but it´s clear that the pilot has his hands full!!!

  3. Man, so many of these events take place in windy, gusty conditions, and this particular day looks bitter cold! Just as the pilot mentioned the beautifully fashioned craft does seem unstable, but well flown. Nicely captured flight again by Tbob…!

  4. Clearly unstable which makes the pilot’s flying truly amazing. The whole routine seemed done a little to fast to look truly scale like but I suspect that was un purpose, as it looks that if its flown any slower it will snap inverted at the worst time.

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