Debut of the Super Jug!

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Got some sneak preview photos from my buddy Sean Curry. He was on hand for the taxi tests and initial flights a a spectacular mew P-47 Thunderbolt model. The first to be completed of the four being built is by another buddy, Frank Tiano, originator of well known scale events like Top Gun, Florida Jets, Monster Planes and soon, 12 O’Clock High. This behemoth spans 143″, is 10 foot long, weighs 114 pounds as you see it here and is pulled along by a 400cc Moki radial engine! Frank reports the first flight was uneventful and that the model was a “very smooth flyer.” (Seems all Jugs are that way). Now it’s into the paint shop so it’s ready for the upcoming “Monster Planes” event. Frank is preparing a detailed article for presentation by Model Airplane News in a future issue. Can you imagine, FOUR of these machines in a sweep over Lakeland, Florida??

Updated: September 5, 2011 — 8:16 PM
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