Unusual Electric Venom

Unusual Electric Venom

John Ranson’s 1/6-scale jet proves that you don’t have to build ’em big to impress the crowd! With more than 1,000 building hours in it, this gorgeous Venom is from the Mick Reeves plan and has an epoxy glass fuselage. The 21-pound plane is powered by a Schubeler ducted fan on two Thunder Power 6S 6600mAh LiPos. John says he gets flight times of around 6 minutes with 30% remaining in the batteries. It’s modeled after the RAF’s WR413 flown by Chris Golds in Germany in the ’50s. Our thanks to the father and son videographer team of Pete and Dean Coxon for taking this great footage at the RAF Tibenham Airfield.

Updated: July 27, 2015 — 10:05 AM


  1. Where’s the video? I just get a blank, black screen.

  2. Outstanding effort and great building/finishing job. A couple of well known Brit modelers mentioned; prolific scale designer Mick Reeves and former RAF aviator, Chris Golds who has done a whole bunch of really unique jet designs like the Hunter, Meteor and other ’50’s-vintage subjects. Great to see such a neat, plans-built EDF model that performs so well; my hat’s off to all involved!

  3. Very good video ,I was in the Navy 1952 …1956 Stationed in Malta the British flew their Vampire Jet there If I am not mistaken it was built out of wood an they started it with a Big pistol like a large shot gun……

  4. great article been flying RC since 1959, single channel

    Gene in Texas

  5. Very Cool!!! Much more interesting then 50% to 85% RC aircraft.

    1. What Richard said. If it can’t fit in the back of my 1987 Ranger, it’s just too damn big. I’ll leave giant scale to those guys who seem to be trying to make up for their “short” comings.

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