Pro Sanding Tools for Pro Results

Pro Sanding Tools for Pro Results

Our friends at Du-Bro keep bringing out useful products that I love having in the shop. Having the right tool makes the project at hand go so much easier! I recently received their new Kwik-Sand hand sanders in both 5.5- and 11-inch lengths. Each comes with a starter kit of adhesive backed sandpaper pieces in 80-, 150-, and 220-grit. The sandpaper is cut to the shape of the sander and uses peel-and-stick adhesive to attach to the bar. You can order sandpaper refills from Du-Bro, or if you need a different grit paper than they have available you can use 3M 77 Contact cement and apply your own custom-cut sandpaper.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Pro Sanding Tools for Pro ResultsSanding blocks are nothing new, of course. When I was a wee modeler, I remember showing up to the field with my first glider, a kit-built Craft Air Drifter II. Despite hours of hand sanding while I tried to maintain the right pressure and alignment, the leading edges of the wings looked like a poorly performed field sobriety test. Henry Haffke approached me and said, “Hey kid, let me show you a trick.” His trick of course was a variety of sanding blocks and T-bar sanders that he had in his shop to work on his famous Gee Bee Racers.

My next build, a Goldberg Gentle Lady, was stunningly different and that was the beginning of knowing that having the right tool for the job was paramount. Bar sanders allow you to produce nice straight edges, which are both aesthetically pleasing and—more importantly—are critical to strength when gluing the finished pieces together.

What makes the Du-Bro Kwik-Sand better than a typical T-bar sander? Instead of trying to pinch the handle on a T-bar, the Kwik-Sand bar is a new ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand. That may not sound revolutionary, but when you’re doing a lot of sanding the ease and comfort makes a difference in fatigue.

If you do any building or repairs that require a lot of sanding, the Kwik-Sanders should be in your collection.

By Andrew Griffith

See the Kwik Sanders in action in this video from Du-Bro!

Updated: April 20, 2023 — 12:49 PM


  1. Not a new design but greatly appreciated that Dubro picked up the Great Planes product and continued producing it. I’d be lost without my contoured sanding bars. So many great products were lost when Hobico went under, it’s good to see Dubro stepping up and carrying on.

  2. Dubro have always produced Great Products and We in Britain use them as well as The Old Great Planes and Sullivan Products.
    What ALSO is marketted here is PERMA- GRIT Tungsten Carbide Flat and Wedge shape Bar Tools with interchangeables .Also Swap Blocks Sheets and the practical Rib Slotters .
    We also can get the US made Excel Model Knives as well as
    X-acto although I think their Sourcing is China . But naturally also keep to US made imports where We can

  3. I’m very happy they brought the 11” sander back, when I saw them available online I ordered three of them and all three of the sandpaper grades (I also ordered the grades for the 5.5”). I have been using the smaller for over ten years. I love them, if you are a builder, I would recommend all of them. Dubro has the best products that I have used, I haven’t used them all yet, but I’m working on it.

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