Du-Bro Products Video Factory Tour

Du-Bro Products Video Factory Tour

Everyone knows that for quality RC products, Du-Bro is the place to go. From molded fuel tanks and wheels, to hardware and airplane accessories, this “Made in the USA” company, has a tremendous amount of top quality products to offer. Check out this behind the scenes video factory tour showing how some of Du-Bro’s top selling products are made. It’s all pretty cool!


Jim Broberg, (right) gives the guided tour featured in the Video.


Milling the flashing from a Du-Bro tank.


Raw straightened wire destined to become Du-Bro pushrods.


The Pushrod threading machine.

Updated: December 7, 2015 — 4:23 PM


  1. get rid of the comedy routine, it gets old. Have some respect for your audience. We are not all multicopter flyers.

    1. what the hell is the matter with you

  2. Lighten up Steve! Let the guys have a little fun, isn’t that what its about?
    Dubro is a great supplier and it was nice to get a little insight to their operation.
    Thanks for the tour.

  3. congratulations All dubro products are made with top quality materials I only use their producs in my airplanes, it is not very smat to buy cheap and bad stuff for airplanes that you spend alot of time and effort and money to build

  4. Your video was was great.entertaining and to the point.dont listen to “Mr. serious “Steve percifield. Some people like to complain about anything and everything……

  5. It is great to see how products we use are made. Thanks.

  6. Hang in there, Dubro. I stand elbow to elbow with you in resistance to the HK monolith that is a blight upon the RC landscape. Quality rules, cheap pot metal junk from across the sea drools.

  7. If it wasn’t for DU-BRO, this hobby wouldn’t be half as enjoyable as it is. …………….. And, thanks for being an AMERICAN company!

  8. This is a great video – thanks to DuBro and MAN for doing it! I love seeing how stuff I have used for decades is made, and especially appreciate the illustration of how the “old way” can still be used to produce superior, modern products, while keeping jobs in the USA. The guys (and gals?) who design and create the production machines and processes are amazing. I have always preferred DuBro for hardware because it just looks and feels better than the distributor houses’ brands. eBay is a good source for vintage DuBro parts, BTW, if you’re in need of something not made anymore.

  9. Comedy routine ??? I for one appreciated the fun tour ….thanks (and they call me a cranky ole geezer 😀 )

  10. I enjoyed seeing this video — an inside look at a unique manufacturing company.

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