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Dualsky Xmotors

Dualsky Xmotors
Sick of cleaning oil off your plane? Need a easy winter project? 2DOGRC is proud to introduce the complete lineup of Dualsky Xmotors. This series of powerful outrunners will power the 8 oz foamies all the way up to 1.60 Glow equivalent conversions! To maximize the power output, the Xmotors have 12 poles to create massive torque and eliminate the need for a gearbox! Each motor includes mounting hardware and bullet connectors for quick and easy mounting! The smaller motors are available with a hollow shaft to allow the mounting of a variable pitch prop! The website at displays an easy to read table to pick the right motor to replace your glow motor! This table also shows the proper battery pack and propeller size to eliminate the guesswork. If you are planning a conversion or other project and price and quality are what you want, try one of 2dogrc’s Xmotors. For more information visit
Updated: May 15, 2008 — 10:00 AM

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