Durafly Bf 110 Destroyer from Hobby King with Video

Durafly Bf 110 Destroyer from Hobby King with Video

Just in for Review, the new Durafly Messerschmitt Bf 110 Destroyer is going to be featured soon as a Flight Report. Beautifully detailed and equipped with counter-rotating 3-blade propellers, this twin engine WW2 Luftwaffe warbird is going to be a very popular choice for electric lovers everywhere.

Reviewed and test flown by Model Airplane News Ultimate Electrics columnist Greg Gimlick, this is one great flying twin! Greg lights the fires and kicks the tires and gives this Classic 4-foot span, Luftwaffe Night-Fighter all good grades!

Durafly Bf 110 Destroyer from Hobby King with Video

In The Air:

Static thrust checks on the ground showed full throttle current to be about 32 amps and setting the timer for 5 minutes works well in flight. I was concerned about the retracts handling my grass field, but the worry was uncalled for. It traveled down the field, lifted the tail and took off like a real beauty. The recommended control throws seem to work nicely although I added my standard 25% expo for all surfaces. The CG range is adequate and can be adjusted by moving the battery fore or aft on its large battery deck. Access to the battery is easy using the removable cockpit that also allows access to the receiver and all wiring connections. I connected my ailerons to separate channels to allow for flaperons if desired, but it hardly seems necessary.
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From the Flightline Video


STABILITY:  With the CG in the recommended range, the plane remains remarkably stable and agile at the same time. It penetrates wind well and doesn’t get tossed about like some small planes. There is slight dihedral built into the wing that provides a nice stable feel in the air. The large laminated main wing spar ensures the proper amount when gluing the wing halves together.

TRACKING:  It tracked beautifully, and take off/landing runs were straight and true. It feels much bigger than it is when the tail comes off the ground and travels down the field prior to lifting off. The dual rudder setup has plenty of authority to handle take off runs. The tail wheel is large enough to be effective on the ground and adds to the scale appearance with its molded struts. I added a bit of aileron differential to help with adverse yaw, but proper use of the rudders in a turn makes this unnecessary.


AEROBATICS:  This plane will perform anything you want it to do in a scale fashion and then some. Its aerobatic capabilities are very good and will fly inverted almost as nicely as it does upright. Loops, rolls, and are all within its repertoire.

GLIDE & STALL PERFORMANCE:  Stalls were gentle, but it does like to drop a wing if you get deep into a stall. Recovery was easy and it showed little tendency to snap as might be expected with the tapered wing. With a wing loading only around 21 ounces per square foot, its glide is long and gentle.

Durafly Bf 110 Destroyer from Hobby King with Video

Pilot Debriefing

This is a fun plane to take to the field The twin 2620 motors and scale 3-bladed props provide lots of power. Utilizing a single 3S Lipo pack and separate BEC (provided) makes it an easily transportable and affordable scale warbird for anyone wanting to try their first twin. It flies and feels like a much larger plane. The 3-blade counter-rotating props perform remarkably well.

Durafly Bf 110 Destroyer from Hobby King with Video


• It’s a multi-engine warbird!

• Great flight characteristics

• Excellent molded details

• Outstanding value

Durafly Bf 110 Destroyer

Gear Used

Radio:  Tactic 650 transmitter, Tactic 624 6-channel SLT receiver (tacticrc.com), (4) 9gr servos and (2) 3.7gr servos (installed.)

Receiver Battery: External BEC power (included)

Motor: (2) 2620-1350 Outrunners (installed)

Propeller:          (2) 8×4 scale 3-blade props (included)

Flight Battery:  Turnigy 3S 2200 mah LiPo 25-35C (hobbyking.com)

ESC:                (2) 20A Brushless ESCs (installed)

Durafly Bf 110 Destroyer

Durafly Bf 110 Destroyer

Durafly Bf 110 Destroyer

Updated: July 28, 2015 — 3:02 PM


  1. Well I hear all your to-dos for this plane and that is good but I wish Durafly and these other companies would think AMERICAN. We have a lot of good twins that could be made just like they made the BF-110. So what is the problem that they keep making these foreign planes. I would love to see a F-7F Tigercat in this size. They did the P-38 so lets move on.

    1. Perhaps you shall realize that the rest of the world likes the diversity that is available

  2. Yes a very nice looking plane. I wish Durafly would make an F-7F Tigercat a or maybe a Westwind Wirlwind both of which are beautiful twins..

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