Durafly Mitsubishi J8M Shusui PNF

Durafly Mitsubishi J8M Shusui PNF

The Mitsubishi J8M Shusui was a World War II jet designed for the Japanese Navy  based on the German ME-163 Komet design. Only a small number of development planes were built to help combat the U.S. Boeing B-29 bombers.

Durafly’s  37.4-inch-span Plug-n-Fly Shusui is made from molded EPO foam, with strong carbon reinforcement and features a hard plastic belly skid. The J8M Shusui has the same blistering performance of the earlier ME-163 and the wide track “dolly” for easier ground handling and takeoffs.The J8M Shusui comes with all electronics installed and requires you to hook up to your 6ch receiver. This is an easy build with only a few parts to be put together. A big hatch gives easy access to the battery bay and electronics.

This plane is designed with the more experienced pilots in mind and has incredible flight performance. Full power climb outs, virtually unlimited vertical, huge loops, blistering rolls and very fast passes are easily had at full throttle. At slower speeds, the J8M Shusui is just as stable with no hint of a stall.

Using the recommended 2200mAh 30-65C 3S lipo and supplied 6×4 prop, you can expect flight times well beyond 6 minutes and with excellent performance throughout. But if you want a bit more punch then a 1300~2200mAh 4S 30C+ lipo can be used with the standard J8M Shusui setup.

For those of you looking for the ultimate scale experience, the optional rocket system is a simple drop-in affair (see manual for details), and will give you a thrill like no other. The working dolly-drop is activated at the flick of a switch on your transmitter, allowing for the most scale of take-offs. It’s time to “bounce” a few Allied planes at the local field.


  • Fully functional dolly style undercarriage
  • Ready-made for drop-in optional rocket motor system
  • High level of pre-assembly and minimal part count
  • Tough EPO construction with extensive carbon reinforcement
  • Super smooth surface finish
  • Stable and high performing aerodynamic design
  • Large canopy/battery hatch for easy access to electronics
  • Authentic and re-applied decals and paint finish
  • Standard setup will run 3S and 4S lipo batteries


Wingspan: 950mm (37.4″)

Length: 585mm (23′)

Flying Weight: 1220g (with electronic and battery)

ESC: Durafly 40A brushless ESC

Motor: Durafly 2836 2200kv Outrunner

Prop: 6×4 (2 included)

Servos: 2 x metal geared 9g (aileron/elevator), 1 x 9g rudder

Controls: 6 ch ‘Elevons’ (aileron/elevator), throttle, rudder, gear (dolly), optional rocket switch

Price: $148.41


Your Own 5-6ch Tx/Rx with elevon/delta mixing

1300-2200mAh 3S~4S (11.1~14.8V) lipo battery (30C min)


Turnigy receiver controlled switch (9107000266-0)

C6-0 (18mm) class rocket motor from a local supplier

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