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E-flite Habu 2

E-flite Habu 2

Made of tough Z-Foam, the new ParkZone Habu 2 BNF Basic sports a brighter trim scheme than its popular predecessor and can accommodate optional retracts and flaps. Getting this Bind-N-Fly snake airborne couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is attach the wing and tail assemblies, plug the servos into the proper receiver ports, bind the receiver to your DSM2/DSMX 4- to 6-channel transmitter, charge your battery, and you’re ready to fly! If you want to add the optional retracts and flaps (and you know you will!), it’ll take a little more effort, but not much. All necessary hardware for installing retracts and flaps is included in the kit. You can also install the included fixed gear or leave it off all together and hand launch the jet. Either way, in just a few hours you can have a high-speed jet that intermediate or experienced jet jocks will have a blast flying!

Because the Habu 2 is a high-performance jet model, it should be flown at a sanctioned AMA club field. I set up the model per the recommendations in the manual except for that I made the model nose-heavy for the first flights. With its wide landing gear stance, the Habu 2 tracks very well on the ground. The field that I normally fly from has a grass runway, and I was a little concerned that the Habu 2 would have some difficulty getting airborne from it. For the first flights, the wind was blowing 7 to 12mph, and it was pretty humid. Because I didn’t know if the jet would pitch up or down with the flaps deployed, I decided not to use them on the first takeoff. After a takeoff run of approximately 300ft. the Habu took to the air! For level flight the Habu needed some left aileron and up-elevator trim; moving the CG back will remove the up trim. I quickly realized that this was an easy jet to fly and pretty agile at high speeds. The Habu 2 is very solid in yank and bank turns.

Don’t miss the full version of Rick Bell’s exclusive review in the November issue of Electric Flight!

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Updated: July 16, 2015 — 9:43 AM
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  1. After installing the Flaps and Retracts, I found the Hahu 2’s CG to be >1″ forward of the spec. I ended up adding slightly over two ounces of lead to get to the spec CG. Consequently, I am a little hesitant to fly it, yet. Anyone else experience this CG problem?

  2. Yes and I added 1.75 ounces to the rear to get it even close to balancing

  3. Fantastic airplane: I needed 2.4 oz (67 grams) to balance at factory spec, but I did it with the wheels down, so that increased weight required in tail- (bb’s in tailcone). With wheels up, now balances about 1/4 inch behind stock, but no problems-perhaps even handles better. Take care, Dan

  4. Setting up a HuBu 2 with retracts and had to add 3.4 oz to the tail in order to balance using 4” per factory spec. thinking about relocating the ESC.

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