Fast-n-Quiet! E-Jets at Top Gun

Fast-n-Quiet! E-Jets at Top Gun

Everyone knows that when you want to see the best scale aircraft flying and competing, then Top Gun is the place to go. All sorts of amazing aircraft were there this year and electric powered jets also made a pretty good showing for themselves. All serious level scale aircraft with all the bells and whistles, they were sleek and super cool! Here some photos and stats on these amazing Electric Ducted Fan flyers! The fact that all they were all from BVM, is no accident! The performance of these high-spooling E-jets was very impressive to say the least.



Masters Class 3rd Place

Earning third place in Masters class, Bob Violett flew his beautiful  1/7-scale Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star. Powered by an electric BVM ducted fan, it earned 95 static points and 187 overall. A JR 12X provides control.


Team Scale 3rd Place

This electric, 68-inch-span MiG-15bis was built from a BVM kit and is powered by a BVM electric ducted fan. Builder Mike Grady earned 92.750 points on the static table and pilot Dustin Buescher brought home the bronze finish with a 188.750 overall score.


Pro-Am Sportsman 5th Place

RJ Gonzalez’s BVM MiG-15 scored a total 117.5 points. This electric jet is powered by a BVM ducted fan and uses a Spektrum DX18 transmitter.


Pr0-AM Jet 7th Place

Bob Violett’s all electric A-10 Warthog also did an excellent job up against the bigger turbines. His 1/7.5 scale, 89-inch model is propelled by twin EVF ~3~ 12S “9er” powerplants. Fast and Quiet!


Bob also earned the Best Electric Performance Award with his A-10.

Photos by David Hart and courtesy of BVM Jets.

Updated: July 15, 2015 — 4:19 PM


  1. It’s amazing how far they’ve come in just a few short years…

  2. All relative. Electric Ducted Fan jets are very loud compared to electric prop planes.

  3. I’m curious whether Bob Violett has given up on turbines or just prefers electric.

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