Eagle Tree 2D/3D Guardian Stabilizer

Eagle Tree 2D/3D Guardian Stabilizer

Eagle Tree 2D/3D Guardian StabilizerEagle Tree’s newest addition to their lineup of great Guardian electronics is the 2D/3D Stabilizer.  Engineered  as a small onboard addition, the stabilizer links your control inputs through the receiver and can provide flight coordination assistance for beginners through advance flyers.  Using a proven inertial technology, in 2D mode wings are leveled, but in 3D mode once locked into the current orientation stunts become much easier to perform.  A few simple steps are required to mount and tune the Stabilizer, and a USB connection is included to link with software for advanced settings.  $79


  1. It’s weight would have been a nice inclusion to this blog

    1. Good point! Eagle Tree’s site says that it’s about 11 grams with cables. Pretty light!

  2. Just heard from Bill Parry and the new stabilizer is due to be shipped in June. I know lots of people are excited to try this new product.

  3. My Eagle Tree Guardian failed after three flights. I do not recommend that anyone buy this “auto pilot.”

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