Eagle Tree’s new Standalone G-Force Sensors

Eagle Tree’s new Standalone G-Force Sensors

Have you ever wondered how many G’s you pulled in that last barrel roll or that hard pull on a pylon turn?
Well now, you can see exactly how much force is on your plane during these maneuvers with the Eagle Tree G-Force meter.  This is the world’s first standalone G-Force meters for RC models.  Having a standalone meter make it easy to install in any size plane, but of course, the G-Force Micro sensors are fully compatible with Eagle Tree’s eLogger V3/V4 and OSD Pro products.  By using those two products together, you have real-time logging and you can display and graph all of the G-force data.

The tiny,  low cost sensors measure G’s in the X, Y, and Z axes during flight, and the maximum encountered forces on each axis (in 10ths of G’s) are displayed on the built-in 7 segment LED.  Each unit is factory calibrated, with no user calibration required.  You can even use the G-Force MicroSensors in your own Firmware/Microcontroller project.

There are two models available:

* 3-Axis G-Force Microsensor, up to 8 g (7 g minimum), MSRP $26.99 USD

* 3-Axis G-Force Microsensor, up to 40 g (38 g minimum) in X and Y axes, and up to 8 g (7 g minimum)  in Z axis, MSRP $63.99 USD.

Updated: July 19, 2011 — 9:45 AM
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