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The full-size airplane has been called the best trainer ever made!   ETM’s new scale ARF includes both wheels and floats!  Will fly off water, snow, grass, or pavement. 


Every single piece is included: a 5-channel radio, a charger, a 4s 2200 Lipo battery, tools, even epoxy for repairs!  It is made of very dense and rugged foam, capable of handling the hard knocks of training.  All spare parts are available, too.  The five-foot two piece wing removes easily for transport. You can add flaps if you want with just two additional servos.  It is powered by a huge 4s outrunner motor, 50a ESC, 3-bladed prop, and 4s 2200 lipo.  The power is phenomenal, blows every other electric trainer away, and it will climb straight up and out of sight on full power or cruise around at walking speeds at quarter throttle. Flight times are an honest 12-15 minutes at full throttle, and much more if you are going easy on the left stick.  Takeoffs from rough grass are in five feet, and it will blast off the water in 10, the extra weight of the floats does not bother it a bit.  The floats have a seperate servo for steering the tip-up water rudder.  It’s incredibly light, and the five foot wingspan makes it very easy to see and very easy to fly, even in heavy winds.

     It’s a new generation of sport-trainer plane…a perfect first plane for the newbie, but one that has enough power and aerobatic performance to keep more advanced pilots interested, an all-weather, all-seasons “SUV” of a plane to keep in the back of the car for any open field or pond that will still keep up with the glow jobs in the pattern at your local club.  ETM also has a Cessna 182 nosewheel version.

It’s only $229 for a complete package at easytigermodels.com or call 917 971 3322 to order one.

Updated: March 11, 2009 — 10:00 AM
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