Giant Scale Electric-Powered OV-10 Bronco with Video

Giant Scale Electric-Powered OV-10 Bronco with Video


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Sean Curry has been flying a beautiful giant scale OV-10 Bronco at several RC Warbird events and fly ins and he always draws attention. Besides being an impressive twin, this monster is also electric powered and it has amazing sound and performance. Recently, MAN contributor Rich Uravitch caught up with Sean at the 2011 Monster Planes event in Lakeland, FL, to get the inside story of both the event and Sean’s Bronco. Check it out.

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Updated: December 30, 2011 — 2:59 PM


  1. Can we get more info on the power system. Specifically the location of the batteries in relation to the ESC and Motors.

    1. Packs are below the cockit, in the forward part of the fuselage.

  2. Looks like it would be the perfect trainer for those just getting into large models..awesome!!

  3. WHAT is it powered with?? size motors, batteries, esc,,,,,,

    1. It’s powered by two Hacker A50s and two Thunder Power 5200mAh 12S2P LiPos (two 6S packs per side). The system pulls 70 amps and spins two ABC 21×14 e-props for 3300 watts on each side.

  4. where can i get plans for this plane

    1. Check for plans, fiberglass components, etc.

  5. That’s is 9 HP! For a model. Very impressive,

  6. Rich I know I was driving you crazy on the boards about this plane… I just think it’s a great plane and really hope that someday you offer the plans.
    Great work building and designing this plane….. and it’s different!

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