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EZ Build WW1 SE5a Scout

Apr 27, 2019 2 Comments

MAN contributor and prolific model airplane designer Pat Tritle has another great construction article coming. This time it is the famous British dogfighter the RAF SE5a Scout. Electric powered, this parkflyer size WW1 biplane will be in the next issue of MAN and plans will soon be available at the website. Pat will also […]

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Functional Scale Cockpit Hatch RC Airplane Access

Jan 30, 2019 1 Comment

When it comes to RC Golden Age racers, no one does  flying models better than the world recognized  guru of scale Gee Bees – Henry Haffke. When I teamed up with Henry to build the 1/3-scale version of his Howard DGA-5 “Ike” Golden Age racer, I added several  details that a racer this size needed to look right. One […]

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New Rubber Toughened — ZAP Glue

Jan 15, 2018 Comments Off on New Rubber Toughened — ZAP Glue

There’s probably not one single RC modeler on the planet who hasn’t heard of ZAP Glue. Distributed through several outlets including Robart Mfg., and, Frank Tiano Enterprises (FTE) . The Zap Gang has an adhesive for just about every conceivable job where you want to stick two things together regardless of what they […]

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Model Airplane News Workshop Tip — Installing Hinges

Jul 12, 2017 2 Comments

Perhaps the most important technique any RC modeler needs to learn is to properly install hinges for his model’s control surfaces. They need to be strong, in proper alignment, and sized correctly for the model being worked on. The crew over at Du-Bro Products has lots of good tools and supplies to get the job […]

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Top Gun Video Interview from Warbird Alley

Apr 12, 2017 Comments Off on Top Gun Video Interview from Warbird Alley

Without a doubt, the most popular tent this year at Top Gun belonged to P.J. Ash. P.J. is the motivator behind the Warbird Alley gang, and Warbird Alley is the watering hole at the Top Gun flightline! It’s also where the MAN crew set up our home base! This year, P.J. had three huge tents to house all the models […]

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Florio Flyer 60 — Build-Along Project — First Flight Video

Apr 07, 2017 Comments Off on Florio Flyer 60 — Build-Along Project — First Flight Video

Looking for an easy to build kit airplane that’s a blast to fly? Check out the Florio Flyer 60! Wow! what a great conclusion to this winter builder’s project. Our Florio Flyer 60 was one of our most popular postings on the MAN website and I just could not wait for the weather to turn favorable […]

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RotoFlow Fuel Systems — No Maintenance Required

Apr 05, 2017 16 Comments

RC Fuel Tanks haven’t changed in decades and we all deal with the same old problems of leaks and misplaced clunks after a hard landing! On the market now for a couple of years, the RotoFlow Fuel system from JL power Products is truly revolutionary with its internal “clunkless” design. I have have one installed […]

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Model Airplane Bomb Drop Mechanism

Mar 22, 2017 11 Comments

OK, it’s really called a payload release mechanism, and it plugs directly into your receiver, but this slick Payload Release from E-flite is the perfect solution for scale modelers who want mechanical options like drop tank and bomb drop function on your scale plane. For less than $25, the unit plugs directly into the receiver […]

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Blast from the Past! Top Flite Giant Scale F4U Corsair with test flight video

Feb 22, 2017 3 Comments

For the US Navy and Marine Corps aviators in the South Pacific during World War 2, the F4U Corsair was an impressive fighter that could get the job done! Though faster than the Grumman F6F Hellcat, it was to replace, the Corsair was more demanding to land on carriers. The fighter was also used by […]

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Workshop Build-Along — Balsa USA 1/3-scale Fokker Triplane

Aug 22, 2016 8 Comments

This 1/3-scale project really is an easy build, when you break everything down to it basic assembly tasks. I started roughly in October and I began the project by building the tail surfaces including the horizontal stabilizer, the elevator halves and the rudder. These surfaces have laminated edges so you have to use the included […]

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Wing Repair for Built up Airplanes [Workbench Video]

Jun 20, 2016 12 Comments

Recently, we had a MAN reader write in asking for help with repairing his wing which he damaged by running into the safety fence at his club’s flying field. The damage was not too severe but bad enough that he could not easily patch it up. Several years ago I wrote a How To article […]

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Long Island Sky Hawk’s Dawn Patrol

Jun 02, 2016 5 Comments

Well with the Summer starting to heat up, the upcoming Giant Scale WW1 event is just over the horizon. Mark you calendar for July 28 -31 and head down the Long Island Expressway, or better yet, take the Port Jefferson Ferry, and get to this impressive event! With plenty of great WW1 airplanes and great […]

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