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Editors’ Choice: Radio of the Year – Video Interview!

Editors’ Choice: Radio of the Year – Video Interview!

Our radio of the year is a product that has a top spot on every modeler’s wish list. Incredible programming options, 18 channels, onboard telemetry, a large touch screen monitor, built-in camera and even a sound system are just a sampling of what this radio has to offer. Congratulations to Futaba for their 18MZ.

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Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:47 PM
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  1. for what year 2011 as its only April you cant possibly be making this statement for 2012 there are to many months and players left!

    1. Our awards are given at our RCX banquet, so they run from April to April.

  2. Sorry,
    But I don’t agree with your choice…………The average modeller will spend more time fiddling with it and trying to understand the programming options than actually flying with it.
    We’ve had guys give up with SOME computer sets and go back to more basic radios………….especially when the programming manuals supplied have had errors,,,,,,,,,,and the transmitters have had faults built in at the factory!!!

  3. Which radio would you choose? Simpler programmable like the Airtronics 6G?or one with telemetry like new Spektrum DX7s?

    1. Magazines like Car and Driver, or Road and Track don’t give out car of the year awards to un-affordable cars like Ferrari or Lambo. Usually they’re for well engineered and value packed cars that most people can afford like VW Passat or Toyota Camry. Howsabout picking a radio most sport flyers can afford, has top build quality, few software bugs, cheap reliable receivers, and great customer service instead of one with the most gee-gaws and buttons, and cameras and mp3 players that 99% of the people will never see or own. Not only have I never seen an 18MZ in person, I’ve never seen one in stock at any local hobby shop What lucky editor got to keep the free comp?

      1. This was a hot debate in the office, but after much discussion we all agreed that the 18MZ sets a new standard in radios with features that many “sport” radios will likely have in a few years. And no one got to keep the 18MZ, unfortunately; we had a loaner for about a month for the review.

      2. +1

        I would of liked to see Futaba make a better user manual than a more expensive radio that most could not afford or need for that matter.

  4. People shoul not compare Full-size automotive magazines and industry with the RC mags and industry. But if you are looking for innovation, it is not going to show up in the sport class radio. At least not right away. You will see the tech trickle down and make all radios better with time. Just like 72 made 27mHz better and 2.4 made 72 less popular… If you don’t agree, tell us what radio you would award and why…

  5. While I do not underestimate or fully understand the full capabilities of the 18MZ, it’s price leaves me with a bad case of sticker shock. If Spektrum can introduce their new flagship radio at $799 i am surprised that Futaba is at such a gap especially since electronics of all manners have come down in price (some cases dramatically) in the past couple of years thanks to far east manufacturing.
    No matter how good, or how many awards the 18MZ will be out of reach of most. In the end, acceptance, distribution and availability will be the ultimate award.

    1. After reading most of the comments here where fortunately Or unfortunately many hobbyist focusing ONLY on the price factor of 18MZ!

      For Model Airplane News Editors while finalizing their best possible decision; I believe that “PRICE” would had been only one single Element from the lengthy list of comparisons to score today’s 4th generation of Hobby grade Radio systems. There is a plenty of choices when it comes to decide a system for today’s basic to advance normal to aerobatic machines. But what one may need to look for when it comes to most complex, huge & fastest models even jets of these days where 5 times of 18MZ’s price is at steak? Obviously you will look for the best & most reliable stuff available in the market today. & There comes the decision of editors where they had to look into the every possible area of today’s Radios but not only the price. Cheers~

  6. Best Decision!

  7. airtronics radio XX and spectrum dx7s sXX futaba 18mz is way better for me and this is speed fresh speaking i want to tell you about the 18mz i know is very fast and easy to program i just use the crap out of it already and i got it all on youtube you gonna see me dancing with the 18mz all over the place and kissing it just like i did the 14mz, i got it on youtube check it out youtube.com speedfresh and it will come up. have fun and i will be abillionare big time. the 18mz got a built in nos and launch control and i will use it aint nobody cant beat the 18mz or 14mz and nobody cant beat futaba ha ha futaba rules. yall know the 18mz can do. make all my planes travel 200mph faster then any nascars i will take my jackal 50 to a daytona 500 the racing tracks and lets say the nascar going 200, and my hangar 9 jackal 50 going 210, it will beat it and it will get em on a turn easily soon if the nascar starts to turn, my plane will get em on a turn like that. ima make videos about that too, remember everybody all my videos on youtube totally different then all of yours yes sir and good luck, you never gonna see speed fresh, my jackal 50 will disappear going 200mph. the number 5 will disapear you never gonna see again ever. if i win thats it. they will give me all my team futaba shirts for free because i am the futaba king now

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