1. I am normally loath to criticize. Clearly a poor landing approach, low speed, insufficient power. I felt my jaw painfully scraping along the runway.

  2. Wow tough break on that landing. Looks like she came in a little hot and had lots of turbulent air to contend with and it resulted in broken nose gear.

  3. The swept wing design is very unstable at lower speeds and even in flight you can see the craft wobbling. Beautiful plane but very difficult to fly. This is a wonderful build, hope you have many successful flights with her!

  4. My comment would be that anyone who is capable of building and flying such a large detailed and complex model deserves all credit going, plus to have enough in reserve to recover the landing as was demonstrated here is amazing. Too easy to be critical but I certainly wouldn’t be.

  5. Gyro was no set up correctly. Thats a trial and error adjustment only. A small detail thing to do.

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