Ehawk 1500

Ehawk 1500




















The Ehawk 1500 has a built-up wing and tail section from high-grade balsa and ply.  The fuselage is laid up of fiberglass that is light and rigid, making it a great sailplane. The tail boom of this aircraft is made of carbon fiber for stiffness, providing yet again superior quality materials for a light durable sailplane. The high performance Ripper Out-Runner Brushless Motor from our OBL29 series motors makes ascent extremely quick for catching that next thermal. Proven RG-15 airfoil provides exceptional lift even in the lightest of wind conditions. For convenience and easy transportation removable wing halves and v-tail design makes travel a simple matter.



– Fiberglass fuselage with carbon tail boom

– Aileron and V-tail control surface

– RG-15 performance airfoil with tapered wing

– Removable wing halves and V-tail for easy transportation

– 3 colors to choose from



Wingspan: 59.84 in.

Length: 36.42 in.

Wing area: 341 sq. in.

Weight: 21 oz.

Motor: OBL29/09-07A

Airfoil: RG-15

Price: $109.99

Updated: May 15, 2008 — 10:00 AM
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