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Electric Turbinator



Originally designed by Nick Ziroli Sr., as a Model Airplane News construction article, the Turbinator E is now available as an ARF Electyric Ducted Fan known as the Electric Turbinator.


Distributed by Shulman Aviation, the Electric Turbinator features a 40” 2-piece plug in wing and a 43” long fuselage. The ARF comes complete with fixed gear, a Carbon-Fiber wing tube, wheels, pushrods, control horns, etc.


This EDF jet is designed to accept Robart Retracts-with no modification! Light wing loading makes this jet a great performer. Comes covered with ‘Oracover’ in 2 different Military Schemes.


Electric Turbinator Package

(Package Regular Price – $813.99 – SAVE $49.99)


  • Package Includeds Electric Turbinator, Fury Fan, Fury 80 – S-BEC, Pneumatic Retracts and a Thunder Power RC 3300mAh Battery



Fury Fans™

CNC-Aluminum Alloy A 68 mm. 5-bladed rotor turns about 47,000 RPM. This setup draws approx. 60 Amps and produces 1,000 WATTS with a ’30-C’ ~ 4-S Li-Po !!!! This perfect ‘power package’ will produce over 3 pounds of thrust for a 1 : 1 power to weight ratio! Price: $135.00

  • Package Price $125.00




The FURY 80 Amp will handle 2 to 6 Li-Po cells. Switching BEC allows you to use a separate Rx pack if you desire. Features a Extra Large DOUBLE Heat Sink; separate ‘arming switch’ and ‘ferrite ring’ on Rx lead.



Thunder Power RC Battery

3300mAh 4S 14.8V

Pro Power ’30-C’ Li-Po

Price: $145.00


Pneumatic Retracts

Designed for the Electric Turbinator. This special package includes air kit with custom air tank, 3-Brass ‘T’ fittings, air tubing, fill valve, and MINI control valve. 90 Deg. Nose gear, 85 Deg. Pneumatic Mains (ALL wire struts are ‘pre-bent’), includes 3-wheels and wheel collars! Constructed of glass-filled nylon. These units have an air up / spring down fall safe.

Price: $179.99


Call Shulman Aviation at (407) 359-1020 today!


Company Address


Shulman Aviation

1140 Citrus Oaks Run

Winter Springs FL 32708

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 10:46 AM

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  1. Please can Yoy give me the exact point of graviti for my electric Turbinator Fury Fan.
    Fan 68m/m 80A
    Now hy is to havy in the front.
    Thank You.

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