1. absolutely beautiful work on the engine and cylds.. its a shame that it is covered with a cowling but needed,, congrats on the finished look ,, I will look for a video of the plane flying,, Thanks for posting

  2. Really beautiful (the engine).

    But why all that effort on a non-scale model?

    1. 18 cyl. Radial eng is a 3350.

  3. Fantastic job on the engine.
    Are the studs for the cylinders, actual metal studs and if so, did you put nuts on each of them.
    A tremendous amount of beautiful work to be covered up by cowling.

  4. I saw this aircraft fly at SEFF in Andersonville. It is truly amazing to watch it fly, he only flew it once the day I was there. The details on the radial are awesome. This is truly a work of aviation art. If you get the opportunity to see it in person do it!

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