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EMP – NEODYM Electric Scimitar Props


EMP-NEODYM_ES_Prop_6722a.jpg picture by rccanews

These are new electric scimitar propellers designed specifically to meet the demands from our high performance electric flyers.

First the wicked scimitar shape of these blades reduces wave drag at high radial velocity.  Second, because the prop tip turbulence is minimize through the specially designed upturned “tiplet.” Third, the disc or hub is lightened using multiple designed cavities.  Forth, a complete set of shaft adapters are provided with every blade. Finally, these aerodynamic blades use improved composite for superior rigidity.

The unusual blade shape gives more power than your conventional electric prop blades.  Because they are more efficient, they will provide you with longer flights.


1. Efficient aerodynamics

2. Reduced noise

3. High rigidity

4. Greater power

5. Larger selection (4.1” to 30” – 50 sizes)

6. Improved efficiency (input to thrust)

Part: TBA

Price: TBA

Available online neodym.com after Sept 1, 2008

Updated: September 1, 2008 — 10:00 AM
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