End of U.S. Manned Space Flight Program!

End of U.S. Manned Space Flight Program!

The Headlines Read: Dec. 16 — NASA powered down the space shuttle Discovery for a final time Friday, more than 28 years after the agency’s retired fleet leader first came alive, the Discovery space transport vehicle was “unplugged” inside Orbiter Processing Facility-1 (OPF-1) at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

With the official ending of the U.S. Manned Space Flight Program as we know it, many consider this a very dark day in the country’s history. For others, it is a tremendous savings of Tax Payers’ money. From now on, U.S. Astronauts will have to hitch a ride with other space traveling countries to visit the International Space Station, and/or to do anything else in orbit of the planet.

We want to hear from you. What do you think? Is this Good or Bad for the Country?

Updated: December 20, 2011 — 3:43 PM


  1. Leaders have to lead. There is no second place for leaders. That takes resources and sacrifice, but that’s also what makes the leader great and powerful. The question is, do we want to lead or do we want to follow and be led?

    Very sad news indeed, but entrepreneurs like Burt Rutan will save the day!

    Happy Holidays !!

  2. Disgracefull! The shuttle replacement should’ve already been
    on line. A line from my favorite movie Apollo 13: “Imagine if
    nobody returned in Colubus’s footsteps”.

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