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Exclusive Preview–Vogelsang-Aeroscale Fieseler Storch

Exclusive Preview–Vogelsang-Aeroscale Fieseler Storch

Workbench Preview—Full Review to be published in a future issue of Model Airplane News

By Sal Iasilli

The Fieseler Storch was designed in 1935 and was the most advanced short takeoff and landing aircraft of its time.  It served Germany in WW II from North Africa to the frozen Tundra of Russia.  It provided reconnaissance, transportation for high officials and also served as an ambulance.  There is an ongoing trend throughout the world now as people are restoring wartime Fieseler Storches to flying condition.  Kermit Weeks of Fantasy of Flight regularly flies his Fieseler at his museum in Florida, and the Collings Foundation in New England regularly flies theirs at air shows throughout the northeast.  There is also a company in Columbia called Cricket Aviation that now makes a 3/4 scale replica (the size of a J-3 Cub).


Wingspan – 139.4″

Length – 94.4″

Weight – 25.5 lbs.

Engine – 50cc

Manufacturer – Paolo Severin (Italy)

Importer – Vogelsang Aeroscale

When I learned that Vogelsang-Aeroscale ( was importing a 1/4 scale Fieseler Storch, I was happy to find they had several kits still available.  After reading all the literature and visiting the designer and manufacturer’s website (, I decided to order one.  Paulo Severin, the kit designer, lives in northern Italy and is a highly regarded model designer/manufacturer throughout Europe.

Cost:  $3,995 plus shipping.

The kit features the following

  • Welded stainless steel tubes epoxy powder painted fuselage;
  • Streamlined scale struts;
  • Functional undercarriage and tail wheel;
  • Undercarriage aluminium pants;
  • Functional door;
  • Motor mount structure;
  • Fiberglass detailed cowling with accessories and stainless steel laser cut supports;
  • Fiberglass slats;
  • Complete preformed and vacu-formed windows with aluminium laser cut frames and 500 scale rivets;
  • Inflatable scale wheels;
  • CNC cut ribs and all plywood parts;
  • All balsa sheets and block;
  • Cedar and obeche spars;
  • Balsa/fiberglass special spars;
  • Scale aileron and flap hinges;
  • Carbon fiber tubes;
  • Rolled color plans;
  • Mounting photo album; and
  • Screws and laser cut stainless steel accessories.

Updated: June 18, 2011 — June 18, 2011


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  1. That is a very impressive kit. A tad above my price range and skills level, but I love reading about folks who can do these things. I look forward to reading the full review in Model Airplane News.

  2. Fantastic! What issue will be published in?

  3. My associates and i are nearing completion of a full scale non-flying
    replica of the Lockheed Vega 5b ”Winnie Mae”… the first plane to
    fly around the world. Built from scratch and on display at Hangar B
    Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn ,NY Come visit.


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