Exclusive sneak Peek: Futaba T18MZ

Exclusive sneak Peek: Futaba T18MZ

Whether young of old, most of us have something exotic that we yearn after, even though we know perfectly well that it isn’t a necessity or even attainable. For some, it may be a Porsche GT, while for other it’s a blood red Ducati Desmosedici that gets the pulse racing. For us RC guys, you can add the new Futaba T18MZ to the list, and unlike the aforementioned examples, this exotic is actually attainable to more than the ultra-wealthy. Dual processors, Windows CE, HVGA LCD screen, USB ports, SD card slots, music player and digital camera are not things normally associated with a radio  control system, but the T18MZ is far from normal.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Exclusive sneak Peek: Futaba T18MZ 

I’ve had the fortune to try out one of these fantastic new radios and have been absolutely blown away with not only its tremendous capability, but also with the relative ease of use. There are simply too many features to mention in this article, so I will try my best at pointing out some of the standouts. What makes it tick The T18MZ uses the new FASSTest 2.4GHz bi-directional communication system that gives it the ability to use real-time telemetry. The compact, high-voltage capable R7008SB 8-channel S.Bus2 receiver that comes with the radio system allows for multiple telemetry sensors to be used via the second S.Bus port, so things like  temperature, battery voltages, and altitude can be displayed on screen.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Exclusive sneak Peek: Futaba T18MZ

To achieve the 18 channels, two receivers are bound to the transmitter in either the FASSTest 18ch or FASST Multi mode, type of switch at that location; say for example, a momentary instead of a multiposition. On either side, there are two sliders, one at the ends, and one just inside the ends that is accessible from both the front and rear of the case. Lastly, here are three dial knobs near the top center of the transmitter, two of which can be pressed flush. Everything has a very positive engagement and the center points are easily detectible, be it detent or audio tone. Silky-smooth gimbals have adjustable tension and even the side angle can be adjusted to the users liking. On the throttle, the ratchet can be adjusted or even eliminated without the need to disassemble the case, great for helis. Trimming is done via six digital trims that are assignable to whatever channel you like. I did say that this radio is customizable, didn’t I? To prevent accidental tip-over when vertical, the base of the transmitter has a large, flat surface, while the typical carrying handle at the top keeps the back clear of debris when horizontal.


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  1. Wow!! Absoutley awesome radio.I have always been a Futaba fan for many many years.They did it again.Thank You “Futaba”

  2. Yes, very nice. I too am a Futaba fan. However, at $3,000 it is not a question of whether you can afford it, it’s really a question of whether you have $3,000 to throw out the window.

    I can’t think of any application, even for a very advanced world class aerobatics pilot–who probably would get it for free, being sponsored by Futaba anyway–that this radio would justify such a price.

    Hopefully, the next release will also make espresso and and have 4G connectivity and a video cam so I can broadcast my flight real time to my twitter followers.

    Let’s be reasonable.

  3. Now if they’d add a quality single stick version, I’d be happy and impressed

  4. The really interesting aspect is the ability to control in detail the “Audio voice – text to speech – of all the telemetry data” it’s a shame none of the reviewers have pushed Futaba to really explain the user setting of these feature and the voice interval – ie Voice warnings for deviations set by user for those item they want spoken by the Radio and when – how often – JR Mx20 Hott has a similar feature and is EURO450 – so surely Futaba can use the real power of this OS to give the PIC full control over the AUV’s data spoken – incoming into the display – obviously the 2nd pilot can just read it on the display – but the primary pilot is eye-on-the-aircraft – I have read 10 or more press release level reviews like this – but nobody is asking Futaba the important telemetry questions regarding text-to-speech. Also the camera should be at the level of the GoProHeroHD2 full HD and 11Mp – the so called camera/thing inside it is a joke.

  5. Amazing but is it too much. I have been an exclusive Futaba user since the early 1980s and flown their top end systems. I am an old pattern flier who has enjoyed the programmable capabilities of the newer radios, but even with my newer 12 channel radios I use little more than my old 9ZAP systems offered. It is truly a very advanced radio system and time will tell if it is practical even for the competitive fliers like myself.

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