Eyes in the Sky: News Video

Eyes in the Sky: News Video

This video offers a first-hand look at some interesting UAVs, including the Border Control’s Reaper and a University of Arizona drone that’s being developed by students who program it to fly maneuvers with computers. It’s part of the larger discussion about integrating UAVs into U.S. airspace and upcoming FAA licensing and regulations.

Updated: May 25, 2012 — 10:14 AM


  1. Bad Bad Bad Bad…. Radio Control and FPV, great… But drones over our heads in this country by government entities to watch over us… That’s as Anti-American as Stalin….

  2. Believe me, THEY don’t need drones to watch you! These are toys, not weapons, any more than a camera is a weapon. This is a hobby item and should be looked on as such. FAA will license commercial usage for ships over 25 lbs. Pay no attention to FOX as everything they say is spun for sensationalism.

  3. Time to build an RC Gunship for some dogfighting.

  4. There is no need for special license to fly over line of sight in USA. FOX News should check the facts before saying anything stupid like this.

    The line of sight rule is just a AMA rule if you are flying in a AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) sanctioned field.

    The only country that actually officially enforces Line of Sight is UK.

  5. UAV’s don’t offer anything not already available with manned airplanes and helicoptors with the exception of persistance and the willingness to risk an airframe for a high value mission….

    If one is so concerned about ones privacy, keep it in the house with the shades drawn….

  6. There are UAV’s that fly much higher and take better pictures than the Reaper and all the little ones in the video. When flying overhead they are not visible. See Global Hawk.

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