F-86 Sabre: SUPER-SIZED!

F-86 Sabre: SUPER-SIZED!

Flown by Henri Wild at the Icare-Airmeet in France, this 14-foot-span F-86 weighs in at 145 pounds and uses two JetCat 160 turbines for power. We’ve learned that the plane experienced an air leak in its retracts during this flight; at minute 2:59 the pilot starts to retract the gear but due to lack of pressure he decides to keep the gear extended for a safe landing. Thanks to Rich Uravitch for sharing this with us and to YouTube’s RCScaleAirplanes for posting this amazing video!

Updated: July 14, 2015 — 10:17 AM


  1. Way to pull off a safe landing, Henri Wild!

  2. Nice!
    How are the two turbines slaved together, with only one narrow scale jetpipe?

    1. brians356,

      I believe the Jetcats are sitting side by side and pushing out of the one exhaust outlet.

  3. I’d love to see how those 2 Jetcats are slaved together

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  5. Model Airplane is a great mag and I look forward to my copy each month.You do a great job Debra. Les Reynolds Grahamstown South Africa

    1. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  6. Why would an experienced hobbiest fly such a beautiful plane with no pilot? Takes the scale out of the picture and a beautiful flight look stupid!

  7. Wow! Thanks for putting this on for us. Nice video! Hope to see you at Warbird Alley again at Top Gun! ~PJ

    1. I wouldn’t miss it! πŸ™‚

  8. where can I get plans for this big bird.Regaeds TOM

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