FAA Drone Registration Update

FAA Drone Registration Update

FAA’s Registration Requirement for UAS. Here’s the latest update for the FAA’s registration requirement. Congress has just finalized legislation that will reverse the earlier court ruling in the John Taylor case and restore the FAA’s UAS registration requirement. And on December 12, 2017, President Trump signed the legislation into law.

This legislation – the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2018 –  requires AMA members to comply with this registration program. While the AMA has always said registration makes sense at some level, they are pushing for a more reasonable threshold and have argued that the registration, the criteria, threshold and implementation should go through rule-making.

AMA continues to work closely with Congress, the FAA and other stakeholders to determine the best path forward now that UAS registration will be re instituted. This process will take time but, as always, we are doing everything we can to advocate for our members and protect the model aircraft hobby. To find out more about what the AMA is doing go to modelaircraft.org


Q: If I already registered, do I have register again?

A: You will not have to register again since this bill simply reverses the John Taylor case. We will share more as details emerge.

Q: If I requested a refund and asked to be removed from the registration list, do I need to register again?

A: There is a good chance you will have to register again. You can call 877-396-4636 to check the status of your registration.

Q: How do I register?

A: You can register at registermyuas.faa.gov. If you need assistance, please call 877-396-4636.


  1. What does it cost?
    What if I don’t bother registering?
    Who or which body polices this and does anyone really go out and try and check up on flyers?
    Aren’t you over reacting?

  2. Do I have to register if I buy a drone in the USA but will not fly it in the USA?

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