FAA recognizes the AMA as its first CBO

FAA recognizes the AMA as its first CBO

With the CBO (Community Based Organization) process published recently by the FAA in AC (Advisory Circular) 91-57C the AMA formally applied for and recently has been granted official CBO status. A CBO is recognized by the FAA when they have an established safety program and are a 501 (C) educational non-profit among other requirements.

With this hurtle cleared, the AMA can now apply for FRIA status for their clubs with fixed site flying fields. FRIA’s or FAA Recognized Identification Area, are geographical areas defined to the FAA where recreational models and drones can be flown without the need for an onboard remote ID module or the requirement to comply with the upcoming RID law.

See the announcement here.

Updated: November 16, 2022 — 6:58 PM

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