Fantastic 58% Zlín Z-526

Fantastic 58% Zlín Z-526

If bigger is better, this Zlín is the BEST! With a wingspan of 201 inches, this giant aerobat is powered by a 4-cylinder ZDZ 420cc inline engine — just listen to that powerhouse on takeoff! The 1/1.73-scale model is based on the Czechoslovakian  Zlín Z-526 AFS-V Akrobat Special (and a glider tug variant), nicknamed Kraťas (“shorty”) for its clipped wingspan and length as compared with the originally designed Z-526 variant. Thanks to YouTube’s Airservicemen for sharing this great video.



Updated: March 31, 2016 — 11:45 AM


  1. I have goose bumps

  2. Absolutely wonderful flying model.

  3. Not to sound jealous but!!!

  4. With a size that large, I could easily see my mistakes as well as when I am doing things right. Where can we buy planes this large??

    1. Build it yourself. With the on coming of ARF and RTF R/C has changed to “Let me just plop down the coin and go fly” The hobby has lost it’s roots. That being the craftsmanship and the skills to actually build from scratch an aircraft that will actually fly. The older R/Crs are becoming few and the new ones are getting more abundant. Unfortunately the new ones don’t want to spend hours building an RC aircraft. Their time is limited by the technology at hand. Of course there are exceptions but the main problem in RC today stands. Too many techies not enough actual craftsman left.

      1. Spot on. I couldn’t have said it better. Shame…

      2. Well said my friend! Of 120 members in my club, only five of us build – at least half the fun of the hobby. Even better: idea->pencil and paper->build->fly. How good is that?

  5. Looks like my forty-five year old Sig Zlin on STERIODS !!

  6. Omg ! You could put a kid pilot in that ! Sounds awesome . What type of wheels ? From a go kart ?
    Great stuff !!! Thanks for sharing

  7. Dave the Boss says,what a performer what an accomplishment

  8. The craftsmanship is superb, but the scale piloting is even better—-Excellent !

  9. I love these videos, and can’t wait until the next video is posted. However, where are all the videos of U.S. builders/flyers and their spectacular machines. Please don’t misunderstand I’m not anti-foreign, just curious about video representation of builders I know have some excellent representations of “Giant Scale” models they have produced?

    1. Charles
      I wonder the same thing.
      Maybe the answer is that there are very few of these one off ultr giant scale models here in US?

      I have been to multiple Southern Cal clubs and have seen some 40 and 50% ARF and kit models, but Ive never seen anything like the one off builds like this Zlin that we see on youtube vids from UK and Germany.

  10. brilliant sounds great wonder what engine he is running done a wonderful build its a credit

  11. Outstanding, I want one! I guess I’ll have to ditch my ‘little’ DLE 222 ‘ s though. 🙂

  12. I love the Zlin! Nice flying to. But IMO, the two stroke engine kind of ruins the illusion for me. It deserves a nice four stroke but I’m sure something in that size is next to impossible to find.

  13. Fantastic.

  14. hi any construction article on this?love to see it

  15. Really nice, is it scratch built or are ther plans available

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