1. Priceless!

  2. Great vintage footage! Thanks for the memories. 🙂

  3. No A.R.F.s here. LOVE IT

  4. ahh the good ol days you can bet there are smiles on there faces as they watch from the great rc field in the sky!!

  5. What a great tribute to Maynard Hill who was a true pioneer in R/C.
    -Will Bartlett

  6. Simply awesom! Thanks for the video!

  7. Great video! Being new to the hobby, I had no clue it dated back that far. Awesome, thank you.

  8. that was to cool thanks

  9. What fun. Looks like everyone was having a blast. Wish we could ride the side board of a car today going after an airplane. Thanks for the video. Maybe you could put more old video’s online.

  10. I have tears in my eyes for a gone era—-Outstanding film.

  11. This brought back memories of my father and how we used to chase after the free flight planes in our old Chevy pickup.

  12. I so enjoyed this video. Most of it was just before my time. Notice the number of people that came to watch the flying models. A very big event at that time (mid 1930s) also was the Jimmie Allen model airplane contests usually sponsored by the Skelly Oil Company. Thousands came to watch the events in the mid west.
    As you may know, President Ronald Reagan got his start as a radio sports broadcaster. The contests were so popular that (as was told to me) was that as part of his stations sports program, Mr. Reagan announced the event. (Can you believe announcing a model airplane contest today.)
    I loved the Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen program as a kid and as I found out, I probable was listening to the second season which started in about 1947.
    If anyone remembers and is interested, Google Jimmie Allen and read about the history and you can listen to the radio programs too.

  13. Love the video and the song. I see people flying rubber band free flight, control line flight and gliders. Looks like they covered it all, even then.

  14. Nicely done. Do be aware that there were only two or three radio controlled airplanes in the clip. The rest were free flight, meaning that they flew on their own, without external guidance. That is the way the hobby began, inspired by the exploits of pilots like Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, and Wiley Post. Nonetheless, the clip does show the popularity of the early years of model airplane development, before the magic of flight became just a way of getting from Point A to Point B

  15. Pretty nice old film…..Can’t remember if I ever saw anyone at the flying field in a shirt and tie? But I only started in 1971…..

  16. That is how our hobby started, guys! Amazing is’nt it ! Wonderful to see the number of aircraft involved, and how they flew. Would like to see more!

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