Fantasy-Scale Flying Bicycle

Fantasy-Scale Flying Bicycle

Bet you’ve never seen RC models like these! Based on a real-life flying bicycle from the 1920s that actually flew across the English Channel, these unusual 13.7-foot aircraft are powered by King 95 engines and fly with 5-foot, 4-inch pilot figures behind the controls! Each model required close to 1,000 building hours, and they fly beautifully. Our thanks to RCScaleAirplanes for taking this video  at the 50th Flying Jubilee in Bad Wörishofen in Bavaria.


Updated: October 1, 2015 — 10:00 AM


  1. Beautiful aircraft, great flying,’s creepy

  2. Looks like one can have more fun when not under the oppressive and restrictive thumb of the AMA.
    Just sayn’….

    1. You probably don’t like rules of any kind! Without the AMA, the dumb asses in R/C would be rampant! Kinda like those that don’t like rules! Grow up little girl! Yeah, I’m just sayn’ too!

      1. Well Bob, I can only assume you are from New Mexico.
        ….and, you’re PROBABLY wrong. Good rules are a good thing. Then there are the rules like they have in N.Korea. Just because there is a “Rule” doesn’t make it a good rule. Then there are those that wear their rose colored glasses to look at the AMA and blindly and believe everything that comes out of their orifice must be good because it’s the AMA.
        Welcome to the real world Bobbie boy. All of the AMA spewed “Rules” on the planet won’t stop (nor has it ever stopped) the dumb asses that you refer to.
        Now go shed your “Super Hero” Underoos and put on your big boy shorts and go put your AMA number on everything in your hanger that flies, otherwise your precious AMA will disavow you.
        ( )

    2. Which AMA rule is keeping you from doing things this creative?

  3. Wow—-really unique and absolutely beautiful. Would love to know where to get more info and the plans for these magnificent airplanes. Thank You:

    1. your e-mail address is unknown !!!

  4. Be careful Alecia! Without the AMA we could be looking at our airplanes instead of flying them. With all of the turmoil surrounding the use of drones, and our ongoing “discussions” with the FAA we need the AMA now more that ever. Plus how can you call our rules restrictive? C’mon! Just sayin’…..

    1. AMA, FCC…. blind leading the blind.
      Just to help you understand the brain trust we are dealing with at the FAA, they just fined a quad owner $1,900,000.00 for breaking a rule that didn’t exist. Seems like the ongoing “discussions” didn’t bring much to that table.

      But, in answer to your question, here is just a small sample, one of several hundreds upon hundreds of pages……….
      ( )

  5. I can only ask WHY????

    1. Why what? For the same reason you do what you do! Every modeller out here models the same way you do! ANY WAY THEY WANT TOO, AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, TOUGH! Now, garey tell us that’s not how you feel!
      Don’t say stupid stuff!

  6. How cool. What fun! Love the sound. 5′-4″ pilot figures, eh? Heck, my wife, Suzanne is five-foot-four!

  7. That was great like to build one and fly it myself. Thank you I enjoyed hearing about them

  8. Very cool, I would hesitate to call it a bicycle though!

    1. Totally agree with you Dik…!!

  9. Great model! Are there any plans available?

  10. Great flying beautiful airplanes

  11. PS Loved the little BOOB grab

    1. There you go again, sayn; stupid stuff! Now who’s a BOOB?

  12. Pilot is kinda creepy too – arm around manikin-feeling up breast – not a good show for inviting young women into the hobby – Where are the male manikin pilots

  13. @John Kettgen: your e-mail address is unknown 🙁

    1. Play the video Pause it at several frames on the ground and study the airplane. Then go and draw up your own plans and build one. No problem
      Just sayin.

  14. Nice!…my scratch build French bicycle pilot is looking to meet those beauties! ha, ha! (…sorry for the Spanish captions on video)

  15. These airplanes are totally awesome and I can see they are having fun flying them. I would like to build one. Are plane available?

  16. None.
    However flying it is another matter.
    Just try showing up with a craft that weighs over 55.00001 lbs. without a 29 page dissertation and waiver.
    ( )
    Red tape ad nauseum.

    1. This was in reply to GLENN
      Sorry for the misplacement.

  17. More like a ultra-light in my view, why a manikin? Build it to actually fly!

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