FAST & LOUD! Reno Rear Bear

FAST & LOUD! Reno Rear Bear

Sometimes, it’s not the size of the RC aircraft, but rather the sound and speed that capture the heart. This video of Ricardo la Valle flying  his Reno Racer Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat in the famous Rare Bear colors was shot at the Weston Park Model Airshow.

As soon as he cranks up the engine and taxis to the runway, you know this Rare Bear means business. The 1/4-scale Rare Bear Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat has a wingspan of 88.58 inches and it weighs in at 47.5 pounds. The engine that makes this reno racer scream is a 3W 140i B2 turning a 3W 28×14 3-blade propeller.The Rear Bear was built from a 3W composite kit from Aircraft International.

Video courtesy of Tbobborap1


Updated: December 18, 2018 — 12:10 PM


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  1. What happened to concern for attacks on this hobby/sport over the noise issue?

  2. Really nice model of the Rare Bear, you cannot beat a big Bearcat! Not any where near as loud as I thought it would be. Actually a very quiet exhaust note, all prop noise.
    As far as the noise issue, these are very unique aircraft that are not being flown in a neighborhood flying field, but at large, well controlled flying sites, Europe has led the hobby in developing very quiet model aircraft power system, and this plane seems to follow in that direction.
    It looked insanely fast and was very well flown!

  3. Having flown the ill-designed and crafted T/T version, still and always a big “Bear” fan. This one sure rips and was flown very well. Looks good even with the older scheme.

    Agree most of the noise sounds like it is prop generated from pushing or exceeding Mach at the tips.

  4. Having flown radial engine Navy/Marine aircraft years ago, the “Rare Bear” is just the epitome of those airplanes. If an object can be beautiful to those of us radial engine lovers I was privileged to fly with, this one is it. Clipped wings, lowered canopy, big propeller, huge tail to offset the (propeller as a nose rudder). Thanks to Ricardo La Valle and Aircraft International! This one really hit a chord!

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