FelyuTech FY-30A Flight Stabilization Unit

FelyuTech FY-30A Flight Stabilization Unit

The FY-30A uses a three-axis gyro and three-axis accelerometer for inertial sensing. The other major components are an inertial navigation platform and strap down attitude algorithm designed for fixed wing aircraft stabilization.

       •  Level flight– The FY-30A will automatically control the aircraft for smooth and easy flying. For beginners it makes flight easier and increases pilot self-confidence. The system can be used for the entire flight, from take off to landing.

       •  Emergency Recovery– If you lose orientation switch on the FY30A to automatically regain level flight.

       •  Aerobatics– for the experienced fixed wing 3D pilot, the FY-30A can help you achieve a more accurate flight path, especially in windy conditions. FY-30A makes 3D maneuvers easier and is a great way to practice and improve your 3D flying.

       •  First Person View– for long-distance RC flight via video transmitter, the FY-30A will maintain control of your aircraft. You only need to control the heading and enjoy the view.

       •  Firmwareupgrade –The FY-30A firmware is upgradable by connecting to your computer via a USB cable.

Updated: October 4, 2012 — 6:11 PM
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