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Field Report: The Blue Max

Field Report: The Blue Max

The Blue Max Scale Challenge and Fly In is one of those events that everyone looks forward to. Anyone interested in early aviation and WW I airplanes will enjoy this gathering of RC vintage and pioneer aeroplanes. In this way, with the help of clubs, pilots, and enthusiasts, RC events are quickly becoming action packed venues to view seldom seen icons of an aviation era long gone. History is being preserved albeit in miniature form. There aren’t a tremendous amount of museums and airfields remaining today where you can experience WW I aircraft. Perhaps, in the not too distant future, WW I RC events may become our only link to our historical past and early aviation.

First held in2011 at the Kermit Weeks’ Fantasy of Flight Museum in Polk City Florida, the Blue Max event was founded by Mike Celesky, John Olson, and Ron Prestin. However a change of location was soon needed to handle the requirements for large giant scale WW I RC aircraft. In 2012 the Sanford Aero Modelers stepped up and welcomed the event to Sanford Aero Modelers club field for their permanent location. This year marks the 11th annual Blue Max event (January 24 to 26) held at the Sanford Aero Modelers’ field in Sanford, FL.

As always, David Hart covered the flying action and will be reporting on the event in an upcoming issue of Model Airplane News. Here are jst a few of his amazing photos.

Avro Biplane

Fokker D.VIII Flying Razor

Sopwith Triplane

Fokker D.VII

A pair of Fokkers, Dr.I Triplane and D.VII Biplane

Morane Parasol

Fokker D.VII

Nieuport 28

Sopwith Pup

Royal Airplane Factory S.E.5A Scout

Watch for an upcoming issue of Model Airplane News for a complete and detailed report on this amazing WW I and vintage airplane fly in.

All photos by David Hart

Updated: January 30, 2020 — 12:15 PM

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  1. these are great old planes nice to see , us keeping up,to revive the ww1 stuff that is out there…i personally love this era.

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