Flight Journal Nominated for Most Inspirational Story — Cast Your Vote Today!

Flight Journal Nominated for Most Inspirational Story —  Cast Your Vote Today!

We are incredibly proud that our sister publication, Flight Journal, is a finalist in the Barnes & Noble/ NOOK Readers’ Choice Newsstand Awards! “Nocturnal Gamble” by Martin K.A. Morgan, featured in our December 2014 D-Day issue, was chosen from hundreds of entries in the Most Inspirational Story category. Please take the time to vote today and thank you in advance for your support of Flight Journal!

Read “Nocturnal Gamble” and cast your vote here: http://www.nook.com/readerschoice


Updated: October 22, 2014 — 4:55 PM


  1. Tried to read “The Nocturnal Gamble” but could not find it. Sorry. No vote.

  2. Mr. Brown is correct the article is not in the Dec. 2014 issue. It is in the Aug. 2014 issue, pages 40 through 46.

  3. A great job accomplished by men not knowing all the obstacles involved but still did their job.
    And they were only, how old?

  4. I am not subscribed to Flight Journal….. the website for the August 2014 e- version says you can preview up to 8 pages but allows only 3……. 2 ads and the contents page ???? so no vote yet ….
    rod durrant UK

  5. A remarkably detailed synopsis of the complications of the D-Day drop and overall success of the mission. So many great aircraft and so many, many great men.

  6. As a long time subscriber to Flight Journal I looked and found no such article in my December 2014 issue, which mentions nothing about D-Day Issue. What’s going on ? ? ?

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