Highlights & Winners Florida Jets

Highlights & Winners Florida Jets

This past weekend everyone at the Florida Jets enjoyed great weather and exciting RC turbine jet action. MAN contributor Andrew Griffith shot some amazing flight shots from the flightline and shared just some of the great RC jet that were tearing up the sky over Paradise Field in Lakeland, FL. Thanks for the great shot Andrew!

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Here are the winners! More photos to come.

Award                                     Sponsor                                  Aircraft/Winner              

Best Scale Jet Runner-up      HORIZON HOBBY                  A-4, Tim Len

Best Scale Jet                        ELITE AEROSPORTS            CARF SU-27, Frank Westerholt

Best Sport Jet Runner-up       BOOMA RC                            Elite Havoc, Mike Abraira

Best Sport Jet                          DREAMWORKS RC              Havoc GTS, Jase Duessia

Best Sport Jet Performance    YOUR PAL SAL                      Eurospor, Marcus Rummer

Best Scale Jet Performance  CARF MODELS                      BVM F-16, Rob Lynch

Electric Jet Performance       POWERBOX AMERICA        Brett Becke, XB-70 Bomber

Best Multi Jet Performance    DR. JET                                   BVM F-18, Greg Alderman

Best Craftsmanship                BVM JETS                               A-4, Tim Len

Best Cockpit Interior                WARBIRDPILOTS.COM        Tucano, Ralph Esposito,

Most Outstanding Jet Flight     JR / DFA        BVM F-16 Dark Falcon, Rob  Lynch

Just Plane Crazy                     JET CENTRAL                      CARF Eurosport, Marcus Rummer

Special Recognition                 FTE     SkyMaster BAE Hawk, Bill Culberson

Special Recognition                RC FLYER NEWS                 G-91, Franco DiMauro

Special Recognition                EZ BALANCER                       L-39, Roberto Zelaya

Special Recognition                CORTEX DEMON      Fly Eagle Sport Jet,  Dana Thrasher

Special Recognition                  RC JET INTERNATIONAL      BVM F-16, Greg Arnette

Special Recognition                  ZAP GLUE                               BVM Ultra Bandit, Josh Clark

Special Recognition                 Booma RC                              Ali Machinchy, Turbo Glider

Special Recognition                  BEST IN THE WEST JETS  Viper Jet,  Henry Castellanos

Special Recognition                 ULTIMATE JETS                     E-Flite F-4, Dustin Buescher

Super Suave Award                 FLY GIRLS                              Cole Thornton, (F-18)

Critic’s Choice Runner-up      MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS     L-39, Sal Becherano

Critic’s Choice                        ZAP GLUE / FTE                       Viper Jet, Henry Castellanos


Here are some of Andrew’s flightline action photos!

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