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  1. Bad instruction!! No protection gloves!!!!

  2. I would add a couple of items. Especially on the first start of the day the prop bolts should be checked for proper tightness. Wooden propeller hubs are prone to becoming compressed, I personally loosen the prop bolts on wooden props after the last flight of the day.
    When the ignition is on and the prop is not in the proper position I rotate the prop using the spinner instead of a casual flip of a prop blade.
    Gloves provide a false sense of safety in my view. Having seen three prop bites, two with gloves and one without, there was not a significant difference in the amount of pain or bruising.
    I also would have mentioned that if wearing a transmitter strap to ensure it is not dangling loose.
    I have been hand starting gas engines since the early 80’s. Several years ago I had a shoulder injury that prevented me from full use of my right arm. I had a Sullivan Megatron starter and I began using it, when the shoulder healed I kept using the starter. Pushing a button takes much less effort than flipping a prop. At the 2018 Scale Masters National Championship my starter came in handy when trouble shooting and engine problem and at the flight line for balky engines.

  3. I would suggest that you are using a chicken stick of some sort. Fingers and hands are too important

  4. Gloves can still let you get hurt with a prop strike, The gas engines could take your fingers off. Several people I know that use to hand flip now use a paint roller, works great and keeps your fingers out of the prop. I am a musician so my digits are very important to me.

  5. Gas is good, but for those of us that still run & fly glow engines,can you please cover some issues such as: how & why spray bars/needle valves can go bad. Why some older engines with good compression won’t hold a needle setting & where to get & how to replace needle valves in usable vintage engines.

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