Video Tips for Starting Gas Engines

Video Tips for Starting Gas Engines

There’s no doubt about it, gasoline engines are extremely popular for powering giant scale RC airplanes. Whether you fly big warbirds, or you prefer unlimited aerobatic planes, knowing how to start your engine safely is extremely important. Check out this video tip showing all the basics, featuring MAN contributor Jason Benson.




  1. One should be wearing a heavy leather glove when flipping. One can’t assume it will always start on #4 or #5 after clearing the flood. It may unexpectedly start on #2, or #3 and here you are reaching back in after flips a bit too quickly. A heavy leather glove may eventually save your fingers! I’ve been whacked a few times reaching back in too quickly. Now the glove tips warn me when I am getting too close. Better to clip a glove than a finger.

  2. I think that it’s silly to not use a starter on any gas engine. I have seen too many people get their fingers and hands injured by not using a glove or even using a glove.

    There’s just no good reason not to use a starter.

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