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New from Flight Power:  FlightTech ESCs and Voltage Regulators!


From the company known for high-quality LiPo batteries comes a complete lineup of high-performance ESCs, from 6A for indoor and park flyers all the way up to a 100A unit for giant-scale aircraft.  Connect the optional USB Link to a PC and get all information displayed on the screen.  Also sold separately, the Program Card offers the convenience of programming at the field.


FlightTech Voltage Regulators:

  • Provides unparalleled voltage stability to meet the demands of today’s high-performance radio systems.
  • Improves control during complicated maneuvers requiring multiple servo inputs at the same time.
  • Perfect for use with EVO receiver packs.


FPWM0206  FlightTech 6A ESC w/BEC 2-3 LiPo        Retail:$54.99     Street:$34.99

FPWM0210  FlightTech 10A ESC w/BEC 2-3 LiPo      Retail:$54.99     Street:$34.99

FPWM0214  FlightTech 12A ESC w/BEC 2-3 LiPo      Retail:$69.99     Street:$44.99

FPWM0218  FlightTech 18A ESC w/BEC 2-4 LiPo      Retail:$79.99     Street:$49.99

FPWM0222  FlightTech 25A ESC w/BEC 2-4 LiPo      Retail:$79.99     Street:$49.99

FPWM0226  FlightTech 30A ESC w/BEC 2-4 LiPo      Retail:$99.99     Street:$69.99

FPWM0230  FlightTech 40A ESC w/BEC 2-6 LiPo      Retail:$149.99   Street:$99.99

FPWM0234  FlightTech 60A ESC w/BEC 2-6 LiPo      Retail:$189.99   Street:$119.99

FPWM0238  FlightTech 80A ESC w/BEC 2-6 LiPo      Retail:$249.99   Street:$159.99

FPWM0242  FlightTech 100A ESC w/BEC 2-6 LiPo    Retail:$299.99   Street:$189.99

FPWM0280  Program Card for FlightTech ESC             Retail:$25.99     Street:$17.99

FPWM0281  PC USB Link for FlightTech ESC             Retail:$39.99     Street:$24.99

FPWM0290  FlightTech 5A Linear Voltage Regulator   Retail:$54.99    Street:$34.99

FPWM0293  FlightTech 8A Linear Voltage Regulator   Retail:$64.99    Street:$39.99

Updated: August 5, 2008 — 10:00 AM
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