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Florida Jets 2010

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Florida Jets 2010 Sponsored Awards                   

Award                       Sponsor            Recipient           Model

Best Military Jet Runner-up     GLOBAL JET CLUB      Pablo Fernandez           T-33       

Best Military Jet                     JET CENTRAL              Scott Marr                   Hawk

Best Sport Jet  Runner-up        FLY EAGLE JET           Ray LaBonte                 Lightning

Best Sport Jet                         SPEKTRUM                   Jordan Factor             Ultra Bandit

Best Civilian Jet                       FTE                              Rick Schramick           Epic Victory

Best Electric Jet                      SAPAC                        E-Bandit                       Bob Violett

Best Sport Jet Performance    RCJI Magazine             Thomas Singer             3D Universe

Best Scale Jet Performance     FUTABA                      Jack Diaz                    F-100D                     

Best Foamy Jet Performance    ZAP Glue                     David Payne                 HABU

Best Electric Jet Performance FUTABA                       Rob Lynch                   F-86

Best Multi Jet Performance     JET CAT USA              Craig Gotschang          A-10

Best Craftsmanship                  BVM                             Jack Diaz                    F-100

Best Graphics                           PRO-MARK                   Tom Singer                 3D Universe             

Engineering Excellence             JET CENTRAL               Rick Schramick         Epic Victory        

Most Outstanding Jet Flight    JET JOE                      Ali Machinchy              Viper

Special Recognition                  RED BULL                     Andreas Gietz             Tutor

Special Recognition                  BVM                             Jorge Escalona            F-16           

Special Recognition                  SPEKTRUM              &nbsp
Tucano                        Boli Muentes  

Special Recognition                  FUTABA                      Raul Lozano                  F-15 Eagle

Special Recognition                  FTE                              David Gaspari              Viper

Special Recognition                  GLOBAL JET CLUB       Frank Noll                   Evader   

Special Recognition                  JET JOE                      Nigel Alvarez              F-16                           

Special Recognition                  SKYMASTER                Ultra Bandit                Dustin Buescher

Critic’s Choice Runner-up          FLY RC                         Ali Machinchy             Hawk                

Critic’s Choice                          ZAP GLUE                    Scott Marr                  Hawk


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