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Flybarless Fury Conversion

Flybarless Fury Conversion

I have had this Miniature Aircraft Fury for more years than I care to remember, and it has always been a great flying helicopter, so I thought it would be a great candidate to convert to flybarless operation. The stock head, wash out unit and swashplate were removed and replaced with the RJX Flybarless Head and follower, together with the Red Black  RC (RB-601XE) swashplate. For the initial setup I rotated the aileron, elevator and pitch control servos to their center position and just looked to see that the swashplate remained level. I then assembled the two pushrods to obtain zero pitch of the blade grips. This I did by looking down the end of one blade grip, and visually checking that the blade grip arms were parallel to each other. The next step was to align the follower, or anti-rotation link, by holding the inner swashplate in alignment with the outer portion of the swashplate and then rotating the head so it is aligned with the side frames. The anti-rotation link was then locked into place. Note all the initial set up was done visually which is quite accurate and very quick to do. A more final and accurate set up will be accomplished after installing the Futaba 8FG Super radio and Futaba CGY750 flybarless control system. standby for more on this flybarless rotor head conversion.

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:48 PM

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