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Modeler flies 50 aircraft, of all types, using one JR 12X transmitter, in one day at Triple Tree Aerodrome 


200 mph jets. Heavy, scale Warbirds. Electric sailplanes that go 90mph… straight up. 3D helis, electric and nitro. 2 mph, ½ ounce indoor lightweights. 180 mph electric pylon racers. Float planes, discus-launch sailplanes – and much, much more.

    If these sound like fun, imagine the fun Eric Meyers had flying all these – and more – when he flew a diverse 50-model fleet at the Triple Tree Aerodrome on Sept 28, 2008.

     Having converted many models to his 12X’s 50 model memory capacity, Meyers thought it might be possible to actually fly 50 aircraft, of all types, in a single day. The challenges were daunting: the number of batteries to be cycled, the setups to be flown, and engines to be checked, the fuel systems … you get the idea. But after months of prep, with weather looking good, the 50 models were brought out of the hangar to begin a great day of flying.

     Projections called for 4 minute flights, with anywhere from 2-20 minutes prep for each model. The total projected time for the event: 477 minutes – just short of 8 hours. If things went according to plan, there’d be time for photography at the end of the day, and the all-important cookout.

      With video cameras recording each flight, timers keeping track of progress against goal, still photographers catching static and in-flight shots, the race was on to fly all 50. In case of a balky motor or some “ Murphy” issue, 6 alternate models were at hand.

     With plenty of mist in the air, flying began at 8:02. A network of volunteers helped with the logistics of staging models, doing everything possible to reduce time between models. The goal was to fly 30-35 models by noon, and at 12:00, 30 models had been flown. Early models were many of the simpler ones – if you consider sailplanes with 5 flight modes, 150mph pylon racers, and triple flight mode aerobatic planes “simple”.

     After a short lunch break, we began the more challenging jets, turbo-props, aero-tow sailplane, scale Warbirds and even a jet-powered sailplane.

     Everything went according to plan – finishing up at 3:56pm – 1 minute ahead of schedule! The last model flown was a Bob Violett Kingcat, piercing the air at a real 198.7mph – a fine closing to a fine day. All 50 models were flown – not one was damaged, nor was a single alternate required – a perfect day

      In testimony to today’s reliable RC equipment, Eric’s JR/DSM equipment was flawless. Carbon fuse sailplanes, jets, pylon racers – thanks to the ability to check each installation in advance with the “FlightLog” device, Eric knew the performance of his radio gear long before he got to the field.

     “To make something like this happen, it’s critical to reduce variables and not leave performance to chance” Meyers adds. “Spektrum’s DSM 2.4GHz technology combined with JR’s high-quality 12X system assured great results.”

      What’s more, the 12X is the only transmitter on the market designed with a single universal transmitter layout that works for all model types, without compromise. “While most transmitters have multiple model programming, I wouldn’t have tried to fly this many complex aircraft with an ordinary transmitter. The 12X is ideally suited for multi-discipline flying.”

      For more information on Eric’s 50-Fly, head to the or   (team section)


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William F. Meyers (my dad, who got me started)

Helaine Meyers (my wife – who let’s me spend the time necessary on models, without complaint)

Wayne McCosker (my instructor)

Bob Violett (taught me performance techniques and concepts)



Topper Hartness

Jeff Holsinger

Carol McKinney



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