Flying James Bond’s Ride!

Flying James Bond’s Ride!

Gernot Bruckmann flew his latest scratch-built project, this 66% Bede BD-5 J at Jet Power last week, and here’s the video to prove it! This large scale model of the worlďs smallest jet takes advantage of its low weight (53 pounds!) to really put on a show. The 136-inch-span turbine-powered jet is 100 inches long. We think James Bond has some serious competition from Gernot, who’s a world-champion RC pilot and owns GB-Models!  Our thanks to YouTube’s Bunterfisch for taking this great video at Jet Power and sharing it with us.

Updated: September 25, 2014 — 8:00 AM


  1. Ausgezeichnet!

  2. Congratulations Gernot! It is a dream airplane. So realistic, nobody can tell it is a model. Your flying is also very nice and adds to the realism of the model. Fantastic job!

  3. That slow roll early in the video was beautiful.

  4. Congtats for all!

  5. Wow COOL! what more can I say? Do you have a set of Plans for this by chance? Or did you scale up some smaller scale plans?

  6. great plane. almost bought an original (full scale, but had no place to build it. I was in the USAF at the time). been interested in Bede aircraft since 1970’s. always looking for a model. where did you get the plans ??

    1. Did you find one. I am also looking to buy one. So far :no results

  7. isso é aqui na Alemanha

  8. Your axial and barrel rolls were near perfect, very smooth flying from take off to landing, full scale acro guys hope you stay away from full scale, you would clean their clocks. Norm

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